Friday, December 15, 2006

"Advent Attitude"

ADVENT is a time of Waiting and Preparing.
We await the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. We wait for Christmas.
We wait for no one else and nothing else but Jesus Christ.
Once I asked a group of kids "whom are we waiting for this Christmas?" and they all answered "Santa Claus."
While waiting, we Prepare. We prepare things needed for Christmas and we prepare ourselves so that our Christmas, our acceptance of Jesus into our hearts, into our lives will be meaningful and happy.
In preparing there should be the right attitude and disposition needed on each one and I believe it should be that of JOY.
Yes, a disposition of happiness and contentment because even though at times we complain that life is difficult, we know that God loves us and cares for us and even though the crosses are many, we believe "we can still count on our blessings." "God so Love the world..that He gave..."

The attitude of preparing should also be that of JOY. meaning:

J - Jesus should be the center of our waiting, of our preparation, of our
attention, and of our celebration.
O - Others, to whom our generosity, care and concern should be directed
Y - Yourself or Oneself should only come last in our priority.

Come to think of it, often..we make our own needs, our priority and only then we think of others and something for Jesus..and that would make a YOJ kind of attitude.

Prepare and Wait with JOY for Jesus and our Christmas will be Happy and Meaningful.
Buon Natale.

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