Thursday, December 21, 2006


It’s a train ride from Bologna to Rome
I have traveled this route often times during the year,
But it takes a new meaning now since the year is about to end and I am going back home to the Philippines for a break.

As the train starts rolling down the tracks: passing villages, cities, mountains, hills, meadows and plains. And scenes and images come flashing at my side in variety, since it is late fall and early winter.

I took the chance for an introspection and self examination.

And it came to me. That the life that was, the whole year, and everything, they were just like this my train ride. A Eurostar experience.

The train Direction
The train is heading to Rome, going back to Rome.
While it is true that I’m sure where I am heading to and what I want to achieve, Life’s turn, just like every turns of the train, sometimes would bring you to something new and the unexpected.

All I knew was to go to Rome to study. But what I got was to finish the first half of my studies, then I was working with Filipino communities in Rome and in bologna, then I was in an American parish in New York and got to visit many beautiful places in Europe.

We never know..
I guess, what Forest Gump said in the movie make sense. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.”

It makes sense also when we are exhorted to “travel in faith” in ones life. For God has always something in store for us, often unexpected and all we have to do is to be
open to that grace.

The variety of images along the way, the different turns would create the uncertainties. Just like in life, the different experiences often also they are the ones that would give meaning and excitement in life. This is true for persons who are discoverers and explorers.

The Ticket Check

I was disrupted by the conductor to check my Bigletto.
Yes, there are times when you will be shaken and awaken to the reality of what you are doing, and where you are going, whether things are in order.
Sometimes the beautiful experiences would cloud your right goals and directions.

I am indeed awaken. All the various experiences just make me more realize what I am doing.
There were fears that all these would lead me astray.
But the more now I realize that I am here to study, then I will go back to Zamboanga and serve there till the end of my life, God willing. And that everything will eventually serve as instruments for me to be a better servant when I go back home for good.

The stops
Yes there are stops. Experiences of being low and down, when life seems to stop as if nothing happens, not running.
When I miss back home, my family, my love ones. When I don’t have anybody to run to in times of need and support. These are “stop” experiences in Life.
But these are passing experiences because eventually the train would continue and Life has to go on.

Meeting People
Face to face and side by side with passengers you don’t know and have not met before. In ones travel in Life we get to meet new friends and get to share and learn from them. This is indeed an enriching experience.

What a train ride experience I just had. What a travel, What a Life.

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