Sunday, December 17, 2006

I am Blessed and Truly Loved.

As I celebrate today my 39th Birthday
(Bologan, Italy)
I am reminded of how precious life is as a gift from God. This one Life, one chance to live that He has given me in this our beautiful world.
I was told by my mother how, when I was a child, I got sick and we were living then in a very remote Barrio and when she brought me to the only doctor in town, the doctor almost gave up on me. She recounted how she prayed to our Lord Jesus and how she entrusted me and consecrated me to the Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Our Blessed Virgin as her last hope and she remembered how everything started to turn for the better for me after her prayers.This story has always reminded me of the precious chance that God has given me to Live in this world and how He cares and Love me in spite of my unworthiness.
Then I look around and I feel sad when I see others not appreciating this one chance that Lord has offered.When I see some not giving others the chance to live by deciding on the life of infants or when others decide to take away life for a "reason" , and still others destroying their one chance to live through abuses and vices.
It is indeed very sad when one does not appreciate the one precious chance to live that God has given as a gift. And now I am halfway of my life and much more I am given the chance to continue enjoying, living this one chance and precious gift that the Lord has offered.
I am blessed and truly Loved by the Lord.

I am also reminded today of the other precious gift that the Lord has given that goes with my Life, that is My Vocation. The chance to make the most of what the Lord has offered by offering it in return through service for others.

And now I am on my 13th year as a priest and still with the opportunity given to go on serving, doing something good for others and for the Lord.
I am blessed and truly Loved by the Lord.
I am reminded also of the gift of friends that the Lord has given me. Yes, real friends, special persons who stood by me and remained with me through ups and downs and some of them have given a lot of themselves for me and my cause. And for this I say:
I am blessed and truly Loved by the Lord.
I am reminded today also of my family, specially my mother whom I know is praying hard for me and my intentions and that's the reason why, because of their prayers:
I am blessed and truly Loved by the Lord.
or the many Gifts that the Lord has showered upon me. I vow my head today and from the bottom of my heart.. I say THANK YOU LORD..I am blessed and truly Loved by You. Amen.


josephdream said...

Happy birthday and many more birthdays to come! Celebrate life, my friend, always thank the Lord for the gift, you deserve it!

In behalf of the Kapatiran,

Fr. lito

OAC said...

I don't know what to say about your space here. But one thing I notice is the fact that you have become like Kierk. COmplementi!

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