Thursday, December 7, 2006

"Pag-Iisang-Dibdib" sa Bologna: A Leap of Faith

I solemnized the wedding of Raphy and Kristine in Bologna. I saw on their faces as they were marching along the Isles... Yes, the joy of offering each other in marriage but at the same time the uncertainties and apprehensions of the new Life they are entering into together and the gravity of the decision they are making..I said to myself..Oh, yes..this is another "Leap of Faith."

I shared to the young couple "3" Important short messages. I said "3" so that it would be easy for them to remember and besides the number "3" is so meaningful as it stands for "I Love You", The very core of what they promise to each other in marriage.

I asked them to remember always these they they start a new life together:

1. Remember that your promise is sacred and is "made in heaven." It is a promise "not made to be broken" but one that is to be kept no matter what happens, "for better for worse, for richer, for poorer in sickness and in health till death."..Guard and fulfill it sincerely and faithfully.

2. "Be Together" "Be United".."You are two and will be made One." Be together in your plans, your dreams, struggles, joys and decisions. Work for unity in your Life, with your family and with God. We always believe: "United we stand and divided we fall."

3. Always remember to Pray. Make Jesus, the Lord always part of your life and of the family. He is still your strength, your support as you go through all the uncertainties in Life. we always say:"A Family that prays together, stays together."

It is a "Leap of Faith" these young couple are making. But I believe they will be assured of help..if they try to remember the "3 things". The sincerity and faithfulness of their promise of Love, The strength of being together, and the guiding hands of the Lord ready to catch them if they fall because they call upon Him and they are dear to Him. Amen.

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