Wednesday, May 2, 2007

EL SHADDAI in Bologna

My Bologna Community
A city in Northern Italy, well known for its Universities and the “Due Torre” The twin towers, their Patron Saint San Petronio and the Home of the Madonna de San Luca .
I was sent by the rector of Philippine College Msgr. Ruperto Santos to a small community of El Shaddai to serve, to help.
This was where I encountered the Filipino migrants in Bologna. So hungry for Gods word in the Eucharist, left unattended in a foreign land as if sheep without a shepherd.
These are ordinary Filipinos, and yes! many of them do menial jobs as house helps, babysitters, serving signoras and signores, some are working as porters, street cleaners, housekeepers, also others in business institutions and a minority as nurses and secretaries.
Simple jobs. But hey are happy, contented, hardworking Filipinos living with dignity in a foreign land.

They have their struggles, just like the flight of other Filipino migrants in other countries like being separated from members of the family, broken marriages, worries of parents of the of their children left back home, overworking so as to meet the needs of the family.

There is also the growing number of conflicts among Filipinos, “siraan”-destroying one another, the tendency of regionalism “families, place of origin and barkadas.” and the prolifiration of gambling- get together, to pass the time in “tong-itans” and “inuman” for the boys.
They have their struggles but they continue trying to live happily, Peacefully and with Dignity.

These Filipino Migrants in Bologna are loving, caring, generous and with Faith so strong for our Lord Jesus, for our Mama Mary, for El Shaddai.

This is my community, This is where I serve.

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