Monday, May 21, 2007

I Wonder: Why Run for Office?

The recent elections in the Philippines saw thousands running for office from all walks of life, all wanting very much to win an office with a common purpose: So that they could serve others, their kababayans, serve the Philippines.
We saw lawyers, businessmen, entertainers, overseas worker, a boxer, pastors and yes even priests all with a common cry so that they can become of service to the Filipino people..

I just wonder, when they say they wanted to serve and do good to their constituents. Does one always need to be in office just to serve?
I really feel that there seem to be a misunderstanding of the whole idea of serving and doing good for others here.
I even have the tendency to believe that, there maybe other reasons behind their running aside from serving.

These people, many of them spent a lot running for office.
They could have just spent the whole amount helping others and doing good.

I look at Jesus and I realize, He even took the form of a slave, an ordinary man to reach out to others and to serve. There was no need of an office.

I wonder why is this so. I wonder why these people came to have these kind of ideas in their minds. Funny, isn’t it?

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