Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day, Bayville New York 2007

Eternal Father, giver of Love and Life, the source of our freedom and the protector of our Nation.
We offer to You our Praises and Thanksgiving for You are all Good and Merciful. And “your mercies have followed us all the days of our lives.”
As we come together on this special day of remembrance..

We remember first of all how you have loved us.

We remember also specially the men and women who offered their lives serving our nation and fought hard for freedom and justice for all of us to enjoy. Eternal rest grant unto them Lord and Let Perpetual Light shine upon them.
We remember their families and love ones and we pray that they be comforted in their sorrows.

Father, we entrust to you our nation, the leaders and those whose who are continuously defending our values and freedom against the evil of terrorism.
Bless us with Peace eternal Father,

Grant to us your protection and guidance. Assure us with your power so that “even though we walk in dark valley we will fear no evil for you will be at our side.” Amen

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