Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pentecost Sunday

We celebrate Pentecost Sunday today
It’s a great feast considering that it’s the birthday of the church, the beginning of the church. When Christ ascended into heaven, he did not leave us orphaned. He sent His Holy Spirit, the advocate to remind us of everything he did and taught, made us faithful and without fear.
"Pente" means 50-50 days after Passover, after Easter.
It’s the end of Easter, we will be extinguishing the Easter candle after today.

Its should be a joyous and a meaningful celebration for all us

Personally for me, its very meaningful, 15 years ago today, on a Sunday. May 30, 1993. I celebrated my first mass, on a Pentecost Sunday.
I remember then how I was so afraid, unsure of what will happen to me as priest, I even described myself then as a seed being planted and corrupted on the ground. And now look at me. I am big. I am happy I am still a priest,

It should be joyous and meaningful also for you brothers and sisters.

The sending of the holy Spirit should make us alive and hopeful and encouraged, as a person and as a Christian.

It was
Fulton J. Sheen who once said about the church that even though we are God's chosen people, we often behave more like God's frozen people. God's frozen people indeed: frozen in our prayer life, frozen in the way we relate with one another, frozen in the way we celebrate our faith. We don't seem to be happy to be in God's house; we are always in a hurry to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Today is a great day to ask the Holy Spirit to rekindle in us the spirit of new life and enthusiasm, the fire of God's love. Let us ask the Power of the Holy Spirit for this gift. In our Life and in our faith we should be encourage.

It should also give us courage and strength
We all have fears and worries in life. What will happen next, worries about members of the family, fear of death and worries about our health, financial problems and many more.
Pentecost reminds us that there is such thing as being hopeful and taking courage believing that there is a God whom we can go and rely on, believing that with God nothing is impossible and nothing could ever go wrong.

In the words of Pope John Paul II, “Non Abbiate Paura.”

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful and enkindle in us the fire of Your Love. Amen.

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