Sunday, June 3, 2007


Our profession of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is central to our Faith. Remember how whenever we pray and start the mass and do anything we always begin with the sign of the Cross? It is a profession of our Faith in the Triune God. We will always be Trinitarian.

Unlike other feast when we celebrate a special day, Trinity Sunday is a celebration of a Belief, a teaching and we hold it as true that there are Three Persons in One God.

Now, this is a mystery, it is something that human mind can never fathom or understand. It just go against logic and mathematics. Like when we say 1+1+1=3, BUT HERE IT IS 1+1+1+1=1

Augustine once told. Walking by the seaside meditating on the Trinity, he saw a boy digging a hole in the sand. The boy told him he was going to put the sea into the hole. When Augustine said it was impossible to put the whole sea into that little hole, the boy replied that it would be easier than understanding the Trinity. The boy disappeared, that it was an angel reminding him of the futility of trying to study about the trinity.

But we believe.
Because Christ said so. In the gospel we here him go therefore and make disciples of all nations. In the name of the father…

Meaning of the Celebration for you and me. It tells us about UNITY

The Father, the son and Holy Spirit. Are three different persons. But they are one in Love. They are united.

Unity is not something difficult for all of us to understand. Our country itself, Is strong and progressing and growing even amidst threats. Because of UNITY. There is only one United states.

Unity means when we are one and close to someone or a group. When we share one goal, that is for the common good, when in the group or in the family or in community we respect each other and we help each other achieve something good.

1.There is a call for each one to be close. United and one with the Lord.. for as he said “Apart from me you can do nothing.”
2. It pays and it is a wonderful experience when the family is one and together. Spending time together at home and even in prayer.
3. It is something when a community is together and united, working with each other to achieve a common end.
Like a cart being pulled by many to one direction and together, will cause the cart to move forward faster and well.
Aesop and later by John Dickinson-in his revolutionary song. “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Let us pray for Unity
Let also pray that just as the Three Persons are united in Love. May we also grow in our Love for the Lord and for each other.

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