Sunday, June 24, 2007

San Juan

We celebrate today the Birthday of John the Baptist.
He is the forerunner of Jesus. “Who prepared the way of the Lord,”

He is called John the Baptist because he was the humble baptizer of Jesus at Jordan.
Today back home you will get wet if you walk down the street because people will have all the right to sprinkle water at anybody and get them wet because it is San Juan.

He was a gift to Elizabeth and Zechariah who were in their old age and without child.
The name John means God is gracious, or Yahweh’s gift because he was really a Gift from God for his parents.

God is Gracious. God loves us and have showered upon us his Blessings.
I just hope that we realize this that even amidst our crosses and sorrows in life. We can still say that we can count on our blessings.
There will always be things that God has given us and we did not even ask for it and never expected. Just like John a gift to Elizabeth and Zechariah.
Let us not forget to say thank You.

God is Gracious, He will always Bless His loves ones and for those who ask he will give.
Learn to ASK.
Friends!, God wants to give you the desire of your heart. Although God knows what you need and desire before you ask, He loves for his Children to ask of Him. His Word says, call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show you great and mighty things, which you did not know. He also says, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that ask, receive; and he that seek, find; and to him that knock it shall be opened. Mt. 7:7.

Ask the Lord what you want and believe that He will give and will never fail.
1. Is it material possessions or financial help that you need
2, Is it perhaps peace and happiness in your life or at home?
3. Or good health and alleviation from pain.
4. A Husband or a wife? This is only for those not married yet.

Never say its impossible. There is nothing impossible with God, we really have nothing to loose in asking, believe!. God is Gracious.
For 12 years in my life as a priest I was asking the lord to give me a chance to travel and study, and there was no way in sight. Even an approval from the Bishop I was not given for 13 years. But I prayed for it and ask sincerely for it.
And it came 2 years ago. I went to study in Rome, then I was saying masses in other countries, then I am in Bayville. And it is just like heaven. If only you know how it is for us back home. God is indeed gracious.

I believe each one need something from God. ASK! And it shall be given
Impossible? Just believe god will have His way for us.

Yes we need something from god and we ask. And there would always be others who are asking for help from the lord.
Like our brothers and sisters who are praying for the war to end, others are asking for a simple shelter or maybe for food. And clothing. I think at time we can instruments of gods love and graciousness and we share with others what God has given us.
Just as God shows us his being Gracious, we are also invited to be gracious with those in need.

We Pray
Lord you have bless us so much, truly you love us and have Give us a lot through your blessings. There are things we need and we ask believing that you will never fail us. Teach us also to be gracious, may the love we received from you we will learn to share it to others. That we will also become givers. All this we ask through Christ our lord amen.

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