Tuesday, July 31, 2007

St. Ignatius, memorial

The Image of the wheat and weeds is a clear picture of the reality of Life.
That there is goodness and evil in our midst. That there is joy and also sorrow and pain. That there are good times and also the bad times and yes even good health and sickness.
Amidst all these, the Lord would like us to have an attitude of Trust and Confidence.
To learn to surrender ourselves to His love and Power.
Here, the Prayer of St. Ignatius is fitting:
The Prayer of surrender.
“Take Lord, receive all my Liberty, my memory my understanding and my entire will. Give me only Your Love and your Grace, that’s enough for me.” Amen.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Ora et Labora"

Story of two wood cutters: started cutting wood at the same time and ended in the afternoon together, One cut woods without stopping the other found time to rest but at the end of the day the one who stopped and rested had more firewood than the one who did not stop. When asked how he did it that he had more. He said when I rested I took time to sharpen my axe that’s why I was able to cut more wood.
In the Gospel there are two ways presented of serving the Lord and two ways of being a follower.
1. Martha who is always busy working and serving others
2. The other Mary who took time sitting by the Lord and listening to him and she did the better part.
I believe The point of the story of Jesus with Mary and Martha is not to invite us to choose between being a Martha or a Mary. The true disciple needs to be both Martha and Mary.
That yes, we can become busy serving, working and doing good, but we should never forget, to sit down and rest, to offer quality time for others. To kneel reflect and listen to God’s word.
Work hard and be productive, serve and do good but we should always have time also to rest. To offer quality time for others and Time in Prayer for the Lord
No wonder Mother Theresa and even Pope John Paul II are famous because they work and serve but at the end of the day we see them kneeling down and praying to the Lord.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good Works

Our Love for the Lord compels us also to express our charity for our neighbors.
To Love God also means Love for our neighbor. “Loving ones neighbor as you love yourself.”
Everyday there will always be opportunities for us to show good deeds to those who are in need, “neighbors” all we have to do is to be aware and look around.
1.When the prayer group where all excited to chip in and help a woman with her kids.
2.When certain families of our community where helping a young boy to find him a poster home.
3.Offering time for the sick in the community.
That neighbor can even be right in our own homes.
To have an “eye” for those who are in need is always part of us as a lover and follower of Jesus.
Help and Do Good just like the Good Samaritan
Also be aware of the challenges and reasons and justifications that would come up often hindering us to express our good works. There will always be temptations as obstacles to Love.
Love, do Good and Feel Good afterwards.
Love, do Good, even if there are no one around to acknowledge and clap their hands.
Jesus knows and sees everything and he said:“ If you help or give even a cup of water to the little ones, to those who are in need, you will not loose your reward. Mt 11:1.
He also said in John: Those who serve me, him I will honor.
May we grow in Love and Generosity. Amen

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Travel Light and Right

The lord sent his disciples by pair on a journey to proclaim the good news,
He advised them to carry no purse, no sack or traveling bag, no extra tunic.
He asked them to Travel Light.
We believe that Life is a journey and certainly as we travel in this world it makes sense and will help a lot if we travel light not carrying unnecessary things, extra baggage.

When I came to Bayville, I brought 1 small bag only. I figured I had me carrying myself already which was too heavy already so I just brought the important things. Travel light

In this world if we are weighed down if we carry so much it will affect our journey in life

Things we carry that are extra baggage
1. Anger and hatred. It weighs us down, the more we get angry, the more we are affected specially when the other we see is unaffected.

2. Sin can weigh us down, though we say sometimes nobody knows about them but God sees and knows everything, it is an extra baggage. Let it go ask for forgiveness go to confession.

3. Pride can be too high, to heavy that could pull us down and make us fall

4. Of course too much attachment to things of this world could also weigh us down surely they are important, money, possessions, but we will not bring them with us and often they become the coz of troubles for those left behind.

Travel light if we desire to reach our destination-Heaven

Travel well and Right also
Last Tuesday I was asked to go to the cemetery for the blessing before burial of a young man and it was in Locus Valley. My First time to enter that beautiful one of a kind cemetery, and I learned when we enter the cemetery so that we will not get lost, to arrive at the destination. It says all we have to do is to keep right. Keep right always and you will be on the right tract.
I believe my dear brothers and sisters in life, that’s the way to go also, if we would like to attain salvation one day at the end of our lives. Always keep right , always do what is right and nothing wrong could ever happen.

More Power and Happy Trip.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July in Bayville, 2007

As we celebrate today FREEDOM! Let us continue asking the Good Lord Jesus to Free us from pains and sufferings, from sorrows, tears and crosses.
Bless us with a life of Peace, and Happiness. Amen
God Bless America!
Happy 4Th of July!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Journey with Jesus

Jesus is on a journey to Jerusalem.
It was a difficult travel, first it was in the desert and second there were people who were hostile to him. Who rejected him
It was a journey to the cross, to suffering. And Jesus went on in this journey.

We are reminded today of our own journey in life, me as a priest, as married couples, as parents, in our work, relationships and as a Christian.
We believe that Life is a journey, that we are traveling in this world. It has a beginning and an end, and we have destinations-success and Heaven.
we are on a journey and like Jesus we encounter the realities in life, yes there are good times but there are also the bad times, the rough times and rejections of others and crosses.
Through the example and teaching of Jesus in the gospel today we can actually learn important truths about how to face our life’s journey.

It can be summarized in 3 letter P. The three Ps.
First Jesus journeyed with Perseverance. He never gave up even amidst the dangers and sufferings.
He said something about holding to the plow and not looking back.
I know there will always be times in our lives when problems are overwhelming
I am reminded of a song of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush about a couple who lost everything, their home and his job and he complains:
“In this proud land we grew up strong, we were taught to fight to win never thought we could fail coz no one wants you when you loose.”
The wife encouraged him by saying: “Don’t give up coz you have friends. Don’t give up are not beaten yet. Don’t give up I know you can make it good.”
Sometimes its easy to say I surrender. I loose.
Jesus is teaching us an attitude of determination.
Believing that at the end of the tunnel, there will be better times.
A patient man is he who ‘bears pains and trials calmly or without complaint.’
Be patient with people who are getting along your way
Be patient in Life.
Learn to hold back, let it pass, don’t flare up right away, be cool.
The apostles flared up right away, “lets send them fire from heaven,” but Jesus said no.
I am reminded of a boy who defined the word Christian and said It is one who is patient, understanding who doesn’t fight back or talk back, he added, Dad is a Christian but my mom is not.
PrayerAs we travel in this Life we can have Jesus with us to guide us and see us through.
Learn to call Him for protection, guidance and help while traveling to lead us on.
We don’t have to wait till we reach “rock bottom” or the last two minutes before we call on God for help. Pray and call on God.

With Perseverance, Patience and Prayer, we believe we can travel well in peace and happiness in our life time.

Buona Giornata!, Buen Viaje!, Have a pleasant Trip!
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