Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good Works

Our Love for the Lord compels us also to express our charity for our neighbors.
To Love God also means Love for our neighbor. “Loving ones neighbor as you love yourself.”
Everyday there will always be opportunities for us to show good deeds to those who are in need, “neighbors” all we have to do is to be aware and look around.
1.When the prayer group where all excited to chip in and help a woman with her kids.
2.When certain families of our community where helping a young boy to find him a poster home.
3.Offering time for the sick in the community.
That neighbor can even be right in our own homes.
To have an “eye” for those who are in need is always part of us as a lover and follower of Jesus.
Help and Do Good just like the Good Samaritan
Also be aware of the challenges and reasons and justifications that would come up often hindering us to express our good works. There will always be temptations as obstacles to Love.
Love, do Good and Feel Good afterwards.
Love, do Good, even if there are no one around to acknowledge and clap their hands.
Jesus knows and sees everything and he said:“ If you help or give even a cup of water to the little ones, to those who are in need, you will not loose your reward. Mt 11:1.
He also said in John: Those who serve me, him I will honor.
May we grow in Love and Generosity. Amen

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