Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Ora et Labora"

Story of two wood cutters: started cutting wood at the same time and ended in the afternoon together, One cut woods without stopping the other found time to rest but at the end of the day the one who stopped and rested had more firewood than the one who did not stop. When asked how he did it that he had more. He said when I rested I took time to sharpen my axe that’s why I was able to cut more wood.
In the Gospel there are two ways presented of serving the Lord and two ways of being a follower.
1. Martha who is always busy working and serving others
2. The other Mary who took time sitting by the Lord and listening to him and she did the better part.
I believe The point of the story of Jesus with Mary and Martha is not to invite us to choose between being a Martha or a Mary. The true disciple needs to be both Martha and Mary.
That yes, we can become busy serving, working and doing good, but we should never forget, to sit down and rest, to offer quality time for others. To kneel reflect and listen to God’s word.
Work hard and be productive, serve and do good but we should always have time also to rest. To offer quality time for others and Time in Prayer for the Lord
No wonder Mother Theresa and even Pope John Paul II are famous because they work and serve but at the end of the day we see them kneeling down and praying to the Lord.

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