Sunday, July 8, 2007

Travel Light and Right

The lord sent his disciples by pair on a journey to proclaim the good news,
He advised them to carry no purse, no sack or traveling bag, no extra tunic.
He asked them to Travel Light.
We believe that Life is a journey and certainly as we travel in this world it makes sense and will help a lot if we travel light not carrying unnecessary things, extra baggage.

When I came to Bayville, I brought 1 small bag only. I figured I had me carrying myself already which was too heavy already so I just brought the important things. Travel light

In this world if we are weighed down if we carry so much it will affect our journey in life

Things we carry that are extra baggage
1. Anger and hatred. It weighs us down, the more we get angry, the more we are affected specially when the other we see is unaffected.

2. Sin can weigh us down, though we say sometimes nobody knows about them but God sees and knows everything, it is an extra baggage. Let it go ask for forgiveness go to confession.

3. Pride can be too high, to heavy that could pull us down and make us fall

4. Of course too much attachment to things of this world could also weigh us down surely they are important, money, possessions, but we will not bring them with us and often they become the coz of troubles for those left behind.

Travel light if we desire to reach our destination-Heaven

Travel well and Right also
Last Tuesday I was asked to go to the cemetery for the blessing before burial of a young man and it was in Locus Valley. My First time to enter that beautiful one of a kind cemetery, and I learned when we enter the cemetery so that we will not get lost, to arrive at the destination. It says all we have to do is to keep right. Keep right always and you will be on the right tract.
I believe my dear brothers and sisters in life, that’s the way to go also, if we would like to attain salvation one day at the end of our lives. Always keep right , always do what is right and nothing wrong could ever happen.

More Power and Happy Trip.

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