Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Be Prepared"

We are all familiar with the words: “Be Prepared.“
It is the motto of scouts, it is the secret of success of many, and nowadays it is even an important principle of national security-the country, being prepared for any eventuality specially against evil doers.
A great help for student before taking exams, also for those seeking jobs and in life in general-to be prepared is something beneficial.

We prepare for the winter times, others say we prepare for the rainy days.
We always take value in being prepared.
We prepare for the future. We have insurances. My mom is old and sickly but she already has a reserve spot in the cemetery.
That’s how prepared we are.

But there is a question that the Lord would like to ask us.
Amidst all our preparations, Are we prepared for death?
or amidst all insurances. Are we assured to enter heaven?
This is what the gospel is asking us to give some thought today, not that it’s a bad news but something we need to learn to accept.
We do not know when the lord will call us.
We do not know when the son of man will come.
We do not know how and when death will come and they say often it comes like a thief in the night.

So the Lord said “be prepared.”
Be vigilant, “gird your loins and light your lamps.”
The Lord himself gives some points on how to prepare.
He said: “store up for yourselves treasure in heaven.”
Live good lives in the eyes of the lord and others, do good. And in doing so file up points to merit heaven.
We can always do good and God is pleased with the good we do, it can erase mistakes and help us to heaven

Prayer is also an important preparation for heaven. Its like talking to God and we establish relationship with Him and gets to know something about us so that when we stand before Him we will not be like strangers before Him.
A woman used to come to church because she said I’m afraid when they bring me in for my funeral, God may not recognize me and will ask and who are you?

We prepare so that when the Lord will call us, we will not be worried and afraid because we have done our part.

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