Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blessed with MARY

People say that I am Lucky and that I am always blessed.
Personally I believe it is true but not only because of being lucky but more of having to do with my being close to the Blessed Virgin.
You see, whenever I need something or whenever I am about to make a decision or whenever i am in trouble and needs help, I speak to the Blessed Virgin in prayer entrusting to her everything. And everything comes out well.
I believe it all started when I was a child. We were living then in a rural remote barangay in Kabatan, Zamboanga del Sur. I got seriously ill and there was only one doctor in town who my mother said gave up on my case. She prayed that night to the Blessed Virgin and consecrated me to the Miraculous medal of the Blessed Virgin and after that she saw me got better.....and many years later I became a priest and ever since I received all I need always through the help of the blessed Virgin.

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