Sunday, August 19, 2007


Jesus said: “I have come to Light a fire on the earth.”
Jesus is making use of the symbol of fire to tell us his message today.
Fire we know has many characteristics,

1. Fire first and foremost, when burning is warm (hot).
The Fire that the Lord is telling us is Gods burning Love for all of us.
“God so Love the world that he gave his only son.”
Jesus offered Himself on the cross because of Love
We may at times forget and take God for granted but Gods Love is always for us .
It is inconceivable of God forgetting and ceasing in His Love,
for that would also be the end of everything.

2. Fire purifies and refines
We stand before God and we realize we are blemished by sin, we have our mistakes and faults.
But The Lord would like to purify us, refine us making us better persons, better children and follower.
He wants to burn away everything we put in God’s place, whether it be work, money, family, property, sports. All of these things are good, but none is God and God always demands first place
The Lord would like us to change and be transformed.
Be it in our attitude, on how we relate with those around us, it can be our vices, it can be our addictions. And we know eventually they are self destructive and could lead hurting others
But often we postpone, we put off the fire of invitation to change.
Let us allow the fire of God to purify, transform and change us.

3. Fire gives Light to its surrounding
It is an invitation for us to give good example to others and to live our faith for others to see,
To be the light, the torch of truth
Christ wants us to be passionate in our faith for Him, for others, in love.
There’s a reason why the pure, loving heart of the Blessed Mother in this statue of Our Lady of Fatima has a flame on it, because it’s burning with love. Her heart, which was pure from the first moment of her conception, burns out of love for God and for us.

Christ wants to light us on fire. He wants us to light us like a torch so that we might carry that torch throughout life, lighting up the world. On the day of our baptism, we received the Light of Christ and were instructed to keep that torch burning brightly until the return of Christ Jesus. How are we doing? Would others be able to say that we carry that light of Christ, the light of the joy of the Resurrection, no matter how much darkness there is, no matter how much suffering?

Come O Holy Spirit fill the Hearts of thy Faithful and Enkindle in them the Fire of Your Love. Amen

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