Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lord.. Teach me to be Humble

When Jesus said: "Those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted."
He reminds us about the difficult lesson of Humility.
A virtue that the Lord would like us to practice.

Humility comes from the word "humus" meaning earth or ground. To stoop to the ground
When one forgets or forgoes ones needs and interest for others, when one serves not oneself but others.
It is associated with being meek, docile and simplicity of heart

It is a difficult virtue.
In as much as we somehow have the tendency to be selfish. The tendency to think first of oneself and interests.
We also live in a culture of self assertion, pride, self promotion.
We hate being stepped on and trampled.
It seems, Humility is a virtue of losers not winners and we always were taught to fight and win and not loose.
In business they say you will not succeed if you are humble. Because you always have to exaggerate and promote oneself.
It is indeed a difficult virtue.
As the song says:"O Lord, Its hard to be humble when you are great in many ways..."

But Jesus said it is needed for one to better understand His ways and teachings and to obey God, His commands.
It is important so as to gain eternal life.."unless you will become like a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of God"
It is a way that we can be exalted and be blessed.

Jesus invites us to take the way of humility in our dealings with others and with Him. "Clothe yourselves in humility in your dealing with others." 1Peter5:5

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wheelman said...

Father, thank you for the post "teach me to be humble" I found it by accident and it is confirming me faith again. Yesterday I stumbled upon Mathew 18 21-35 on television and I actually listened. I am a Catholic that has wondered away from the church. I think I just found the path again with your post. Out of work for a year and close to losing everything, I will keep my head up and be humble.

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