Sunday, September 30, 2007

Riches and Wealth

Points to ponder: on the story of The Rich man and the poor Lazarus.
1. Riches and wealth, they are Gods gift to us. They are good; it could help us live better lives in this world.
But the gospel reminds us, not to center our lives on them. Why? Because in the end... They mean nothing, we can never bring them with us and many were destroyed by them in the process of attaining them in life.

2. Our wealth, Riches should be acquired through honest means. It can happen just because they are so attractive to us…we step on others, at times we use others just to attain them.

3. They are God’s gift to us for a purpose: They are given to us, to be shared specially for those who are in need and we are being reminded not to be carried away by greed and to learn to give and to help.

4. There is more to wealth and material things in this world.
I remember when I was a child. Life was difficult then for my parents. How I wanted a toy and I was begging my father to buy me one. I remembered crying, asking my father.. And he just told me. You study hard, be a good boy and pray. And you will have lots of then when you grow up.
I never got that toy I was asking, but I’ll always treasure the words of my father. That there are more to material things in this world. That there more to wealth…that is, the value of hope, the value of working hard and Loving God.

5. Use God’s gift of wealth to merit heaven, to gain the reward of being with the Father.

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