Sunday, October 28, 2007

Be Humble

The Lord tell us today through a Parable how He is pleased with a humble person and how He dislikes the Self-righteous.
He offers the way of Humility. if we want to live meaningful lives.
This way of Humility is one of those “road less traveled” or followed because
normally we all want the easy road, the road of popularity and comfort, the road of glory.

It is like against what we normally do and learned since childhood, That we were all taught to win, to be number 1, to fight and not to loose.

It is not an easy way. As the song says: “O Lord its hard to be humble.”

It comes from the word humus-meaning earth
A person who is able to bow down to the earth in front of others is a humble person.
One who does not think that she or he is better or more important than others.
It is someone who is able to forgo his own interests for others.
One who accepts his incapacity and limitations.

Who is a Humble Person?
1.A humble person is one who amidst his success and self worth is still aware of his limitations and that every now and then can commit mistakes and when it happens he accepts his mistakes.
A humble person accepts that nobody is perfect.
He is not the one who says I am the greatest…Even Jesus the greatest man ever, never even mentioned the words the he is the greatest.

2. A humble person is one who can say I am sorry and in the end can be forgiven and can be helped.

3.A humble person is who listens even if he is sure of what he knows and believe because he believe that others has something to say. In the end a humble person respects others.

Jesus is always pleased with humble people and so He always reminds us to learn to be humble.
Following the way of humility can also be a way to greatness and a way to heaven.

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