Sunday, October 14, 2007

"T. Y. Lord"

The Gospel reminds us:
First. That Jesus is a Healer. To those who ask His help for heeling, He never fails. Ten Lepers approached him for help and they went home healed and happy.
Jesus can help us. He can heal us from illness, from cancer. He can heal us from our fears and worries and experiences of no peace. He can heal our troubled minds and body,. He can heal troubled relationships. He can heal us even from financial problems.

Approach Jesus today through your prayers. And you shall be Healed.

Second. Jesus was impressed with the leper, a foreigner who showed his gratitude by coming back to say thank you and was sad to know that the nine others never came back.

The Lord is pleased with one who appreciates and acknowledges the many blessings received in life through the goodness of the Father.

The Lord is happy with anyone who knows how to say Thank You for Gods Love showered upon him.
Sometimes its easy to ask for a favor but we forget to say thank you and just forget everything ones we have what we want.
Its easy to say prayer before going to bed and prayer before meals but after having a good nights rest and a new life and after being filled, we just go away and forget to say thanks..

Be grateful to God, for everything we have and are all Blessings from Him.
Say Thank you to Him.
This Eucharist which literally means Thanksgiving can be our sincerest way of showing how grateful we are for Gods Love and we say from the bottom of our hearts, mind and presence.."Than You, Father."

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