Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jesus and Suffering

Jesus speaks of the reality of Suffering in the Gospel today.
It is said “to live is to suffer.” That it is part of human nature, in as much as we are not perfect and so is the world we live in, Pain and suffering would always be part of us.
During our lifetime the experience of pain and suffering is inevitable.

We all have our troubles, burdens and problems in life. Our share of pain and suffering.
And in the world around us where we live the troubles are overwhelming also. We have crisis all over. Too much suffering.

But let us learn from Jesus today.
In the readings first we have Jesus and the 12 apostles and those close to him, they all went to the upper room to PRAY.
Let us not waver in our faith. Let us not loose hope. We can always raise our eyes to heaven and pray. That prayer is still powerful if we want to overcome the pains and sufferings in life. Yes, prayer can still help a lot. There maybe other ways to solve the crisis around us but Jesus reminds us about the power and strength there is when we come together and pray.

Jesus also tells us: There is suffering, yes. But never fail to see and taste the Light and the Goodness of the Lord. That we are still blessed and that we can still count on our blessings.
Never fail to see the goodness of Lord even amidst pain and suffering.

Even if there is the cross we are still blessed and should never forget to say Thank you to Lord.

Looking at the cross we see pain and suffering but Jesus’ body and arms and the cross shows the letter T. and Y. meaning Thank You.

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