Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pentecost Sunday

A very special occasion in the life of the church.
For some it is like the “birthday of the Church” because it was on this day everything in the life of the church started and was made possible.
Christ gave us the power, the gift of the Holy Spirit- the Power, the force that strengthened, protected the Church. It kept us going through ups and down all these two thousand years.
Someone said. No matter what scandal or troubles will rock the church It will persist because it is protected and founded on the power of the Holy Spirit.

For me it is also special because on this day I said my first mass 16 years ago and I believe it is the power of the Holy Spirit that has kept me a going on, a priest.
We ask today what difference can the celebration of Pentecost have in our lives today.
Allow me to share three things.
1. We can ask for strength and the power or “the push” we need in life. To change or to start anew if ever we have gone astray or have done wrong. He can be our energy and life to stand up again if we are down.
Surely in life, in our relationship with one another and with God, there will always be times
When its difficult. The Power of the Holy Spirit can be our help.

2. We ask for Peace also today. These were the words of Jesus at Pentecost. “Peace be with you.“
We look around us and there is so much hatred, conflicts, quarrels and war.
Among countries, at home and even in our lives sometimes we experience the absence of Peace. Let us ask Jesus, the Prince of Peace to bless us with this needed Peace.

3. Forgiveness. We can ask the Lord to teach us for we know how difficult it is.

Let us ask the Power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us, fill our hearts and enkindle in us the fire of love and that we will receive strength, peace and power to forgive and be renewed. Amen

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