Sunday, June 1, 2008

Be Strong and Have Faith

After the devastating earthquake in southern china recently that took away so many lives, a few days later an article came out on our newspaper in Long Island about what added to the destruction. where how the buildings were not properly constructed and how low quality materials where used on those buildings and the foundations where not really that strong.
For Buildings it matters when the foundations are strong so that when storms and earthquakes come it will endure.
And so also in Life and in our Faith in Jesus and Love.
It matters, if great is our faith and trust.
For there will always be storms in life and “earthquakes” that will rock us every now and then.
Our strength and faith can help us persevere and withstand the trials and hardships.
The Lord says "Be strong and have Faith in me and you can be saved."

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"Leaps of Faith"

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