Sunday, June 22, 2008

No Fear

Someone noticed that in the papers and television- we often get “Breaking news or alerts,” these days. They said it is being in a crisis mode. And that this is the state of and condition of our times. Often worried and living in fear.

A deeper study of who we are.( specially in Philosophy) One desiring and wanting to achieve what is good and happiness will tell us how fear and the positive which is courage is a reality.
We all have our own fears.

Fear can be positive in a way when it protects us from harm.

But fear can become an instrument of the devil
When it becomes an obstacle to live our faith fully. When it hinders many and silence many to say what is right and true, when works of love and of God are not shared because of fear.

We live in a time when because of popular opinions, its difficult to say same sex marriage is wrong, also abortion and many more.
It is even difficult for some to make the sign of the cross in public
Now that some would even like to remove the word God from paper bills and put away the need of prayer even in schools.

This is the message of the Lord today. To avoid these instances when because of fear love and good works are paralyzed.

The Lord invites us to learn to surrender everything to Him, to trust Him

“Do not be Afraid”
Words used by The Angels to call Joseph and Mary and the Saints and Prophets.
Words used by Pope John Paul II “Non Habete Paura.” Encouraging us in the modern times.
Words said to St Gertrude’s by the Lord when she had a vision.
These words are even repeated more tan 365 times in the Gospel
And Jesus Himself tells us 3 times in the Gospel “Do not be Afraid.”

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