Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pray to the Lord of Harvest

With all our troubles and problems in life
the crisis going on these difficult times
when almost all are complaining about prices of gas and food going up and with no end in sight.- we are just like the crowd in the gospel dejected and harassed like sheep without a shepherd.

But one thing is encouraging. We have a Lord who watches over us . Who feels sorry for us. And he said: “PRAY, ask the Lord of harvest to send laborers to his harvest.”

The Lord is reminding us today not to underestimate the power and importance of PRAYER.
That in our troubles and crosses raise your voices to God in Prayer to ask for help.

Someone said if you are weary and could not sleep try counting sheep.
A Christmas carol even changed it by saying not only count sheep but count your blessings instead. But the best advice is the one which says when you are weary and cannot sleep and troubled instead of counting the sheep or blessings, try talking to the Shepherd instead. (Moments)

Pray to the Good Shepherd Jesus.

In St. Francis church in Brooklyn a sign is posted saying: Keep them coming in “God will always answer those knee mails.”

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