Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hope of the Seed

The Parable of the Seed and the Sower
Offers us many points of reflection today for these are symbols rich in meaning.
1. The Gospel tells us that Jesus is the sower and the seeds are His Words which He offers to us as truths as paths to peace and happiness and even salvation.
And He invites us to be a Good Soil
To accept His Words of Life, allow it to nourish us and shape us
To overcome obstacles of selfishness and even hardheadedness that could choke up the seeds of life.
Be open to the Jesus, have time for Him and accept Him in our lives.
So that in the end our life can bear fruit a hundredfold.

2. The Seed is something insignificant, small and ordinary but ones planted it can grow and become a big tree that could give shelter and food to animals and birds and even man. It is something that could become extraordinary.
The Seed can be an act of love or a simple act of goodness that when offered from the heart can mean a lot to others.
The seed can be an small offering for the poor, though nothing compared to what others can give but could help a lot those who are in need.
It can even be a simple smile for a neighbor that could brighten their day.
The seed can be an hour for the Lord today, it may look not much but surely can please the Lord and could merit us blessings.

3. The Seed can grow and be transformed. It can change
The seed could be ourselves. When sometimes we say I am hopeless and could never change
But given the right desire and grace from God. Surely we can start all over again, start a new Life.

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