Friday, July 18, 2008

The Parable of the Wheat and Weeds

Once again Jesus use parables to impart to us his message
Today we have the parable of the wheat and weeds.
1. First it tells us about the reality of the world we live in
That in this world, there is good but there is also the absence of good that is evil.
We all desire to live well, happy, contented and at peace
But every now and then we are awaken or shaken with the reality of sorrow, pain, sickness and troubles.
We are reminded about these realities so that we will know how to face them,
That we wont get discourage but trying ones best to overcome them.
In another scripture reading the lord reminds us to bear these crosses and carry them with Him.

2. The parable also reminds us about sowing good seed.
Doing good in life. Sharing an act of love and kindness to others.
They are not useless even sometimes nobody gets to know the good we do
For every good we do will merit us good.
Whatever you sow is what you will reap.
What you do to others, others normally will do it to you
Sow good seed and it will bear fruit abundantly,
do not sow bad seeds otherwise you will have weeds.

3. In the end it is God who will judge us on how we conducted ourselves in this world,
how we tried to be of help to others and how we loved.
Brothers and sisters the good we do in this world will never go unnoticed for God knows and sees everything.
and the parable tells us, there will be judgment in the end.
Gather the wheat and put them in the barn, while gather the weeds and burn them.
We don’t have to judge others or even at times bring them to justice
God and even nature will have a way of giving justice
Some people even say that even here on earth there are some who are paying already for the wrong they have done.
God will judge us in the end.

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