Sunday, August 24, 2008

Missing the Point

When the Lord Jesus asked “who do you say that I am?”
The apostles came up with different answers.
They missed the real point, the real answer
And it was Peter who got it right when he professed:
“You are the Messiah the Son of the Living God.

When we approach Jesus, when we pray, may we not miss the real point that
He is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God, The Almighty,
The All Powerful who knows and sees everything we need
and who knows what is best for us.

In our relationships may we not take for granted others and their real need.
That when we help it should be for the others good
That we may always be aware of what is truly needed and what is best to share
Otherwise we miss the point.

May we not deviate from our real point of destination which is heaven
That our lifetime should be a preparation to be with God someday
May we not miss our target in the end which is HEAVEN

Yet even if we miss the point.
Remember! The Lord will never fail us and will never miss the point of helping, protecting us and saving us.

Monday, August 18, 2008


The Canaanite woman
A Mother with her great Love and concern for her child.
Reminds us of our Mother in Heaven, The Blessed Virgin Mary
Who will never forsake us.
She reminds us also about our Mothers here on earth as we acknowledge them and pray for them.
(Just Like michael Phelps kissed her mom after winning his 8th gold medal).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin mary

These days we witness how young men and women-athletes in the Beijing Olympics 2008,
Give their best in their sports and are victorious and in the end are honored with medals.

Today the Blessed Virgin Mary is also being honored.
She said YES to be the mother of our Lord at that time she never knew what it entailed and how it will bring her so much sorrow at the foot of the cross.
She fulfilled that YES
And today as we celebrate the feast of the Assumption
We are reminded how in the end she was assumed body and soul to heaven.

Just Like the blessed Virgin
We too can excel and do our best in our own fields in life.
In our own little way we can be the best parent, the best friend, the best public servant. We can excel at work or in school or in the community.
By offering our Love and acts of goodness to others.
How to do it so that it will be the best?
Just do it with love and with sincerity.
It may not look much but whatever is done with Love always matters and is meaningful
and it will be the best and our Lord will surely appreciate it.

The reward may not be right away here on earth
though I believe some would receive them in their lifetime
But it will be in the end when the good we have done will be rewarded in heaven
Just like Mary was assumed to heaven we too can be with her in heaven.

Let us pray that we will grow in our love and devotion to the Blessed Virgin
That we will learn from her and make her our model
That we will be blessed through her intercessions as we offer our needs and prayers
And that in the end with her help we can enter heaven. Amen.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Sea of Life

The waters, the sea that surrounds Bayville
Is what makes Bayville beautiful and famous to visitors.

These same waters we know are at times so calm and peaceful and we love to go out sailing.
but there are times when it is rough with big waves, difficult and chaotic.

Our Life, our relationships, even our family or community here on earth can be compared to the sea, to the waters.
There are times when it is calm and peaceful when we are happy and contented, at peace
And we love those days and how we wish sometimes that it stays that way

But we know just like the sea.. There are storms and strong waves.
That life and relationships can be chaotic and problematic
The calmness can be disturbed at times by death of a love one, sickness, unfaithfulness or betrayal.
That’s Life brothers and sisters.
As uncle vinnie would always say: “questa la vita.”

In the Gospel today, we are reminded that when these things happen
Let us not forget that we have Jesus our lord whom we can go to
He can walk through the rough sees
He can overcome it for us
And for all of us who are walking on the rough waters these days
he Is telling us come walk through it.
Yes Peter come walk through the waters.
Don’t run away or hide from it.
Walk through it.

Jesus can save us, He can help us
He saved peter though he had little faith

Allow Jesus to reach his hand and save you
Allow Jesus to touch your heart help you to learn to forgive
Allow Jesus to give you strength to carry your cross ad to walk the rough sees
And do not be afraid He says for it is I
He is our Lord and savior.
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