Thursday, April 23, 2009

Obeying The Lord

To Obey God Is to Follow His Will and Commandments which is LOVE.
To Obey God is therefore to LOVE.
(Peter and the Apostles said: “"We must obey God rather than men.”)

I see the Love among the faithful who comes to church every morning offering their time for the Lord and serving the community.
The same Love I see as kids from St. Joseph carry their contributions of food stuff for charity.
The Love of a wife caring for her sick husband.
The Love of a wife who stands at the side of her husband in pain at the hospital as I give the Last rite.
The Love of a mother taking care of her baby.
The Love of a mom who takes care of me at home as part of the family.

I see this Love wherever I go
And this is how they Obey God and follow His Will.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


On Easter Morning,
I said the 6:30 early morning Mass.
It must have been due to lack of sleep but absentmindedly, after the choir sang the Gloria..I led again the congregation to recite the Gloria.
Halfway, I realized we did the GLORIA Twice and the people even obediently prayed it with life.
I apologized to the community during the homily..but then I realized that it was fitting. why? Because it was The Glorious Celebration of all. It was EASTER SUNDAY.

May The JOY and PEACE that EASTER brings be felt by all in their hearts, in their lives, and in their families.
and May the words of Jesus who said "Do not be Afraid" be our strength and Hope in times of trouble, AMEN.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

FLORIDA Chrism Mass 2009

I am in Winter Haven, Florida in the Parish of St. Joseph. Yesterday, Holy Wednesday Was the Chrism Mass of the Diocese of Florida Clergy held at their famous The Queen of the Universe Shrine. I was fortunate to be invited and was blessed with the opportunity to renew my Priestly vows. My pastor Fr. Peter Puntal also introduced me to the Bishop Thomas Wenski and I was blessed to receive a personal greeting of welcome from him. A memorable moment was my first meeting with the 12 Filipino priests incardinated in the diocese of Florida who saw to it that I was taken cared of and how we enjoyed sharing stories from back home. An inspiring experience also was to meet the Filipino community with warm welcome and with loving excitement inviting me to join them in their gatherings. This is just the start in my stay in Florida and I am really excited
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