Friday, May 29, 2009

My Anniversary

Sixteen years ago today I was ordained a priest by the late Archbishop Francisco R. Cruces at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Zamboanga.

I take the opportunity today to REMEMBER.

To remember our Good Lord who gave me my vocation as a precious gift. How He has loved me and protected me and guided me and sustained me to remain a priest.

And I remember today to say from the bottom of my heart Thank You, Jesus.

I remember today my parents and my family for their love and support.

I remember my father who told me on his deathbed. “Whatever you have started finish it and bring it to fruition.” His words kept me going and were my strength in my life.

I remember my mother who prays for me and my intentions everyday, never failing to mention my name in her prayers. The reason why I am still a Priest.

I remember my friends and those close to me who helped make my life and my vocation more meaningful because of their care and help.

I remember the faithful, the flock, that the Lord gave me to tend and the fulfillment it gives to serve them.

And I remember that this precious gift of Priesthood is for me to keep till the end of my life.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guided by the HOLY SPIRIT

On a Friday afternoon I made my rounds of visiting patients in Winter Haven Hospital, FL. for anointing and communion.
I had 4 patients on my list.
At one time I entered a room where I saw a man lying on the bed and beside him was I believed his son and wife.
They were all surprised to see me and I was surprised also because I realized I just entered a room not on my list and they even never requested for a priest.
I apologized for the mistake and then went on to the right rooms.
As I was about to leave a nurse called me and requested if I could visit one more patient.
I went back and found out that It was the room that I mistakenly entered.
I prayed for the patient, led him to a confession and anointed him and bless the family also.
And I left.
The next day I was told that the patient I anointed died and the family were glad that I was able to pray for him before he passed away.
The family became my friends and they requested me also to do the funeral and blessing of ashes.
Until now I still wonder why I entered that room.
What brought me to the door of that room when in fact I had the correct room numbers on my list.
Amazing how The HOLY SPIRIT works.
Amazing how the Lord create wonders

Monday, May 4, 2009

Undying Love

The Image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd
“Who knows and lays down His Life for His Sheep”
Reminds us of how He truly Loves us and Cares for us.
This Love is always. A Lasting Love, that is, Till the End.

As His followers we too are invited and challenge to have the same undying Love and care for one another and for the Lord.

Is this still possible?
I believe YES. It is very much possible.

During the mass yesterday I was asked to Bless Fran and Doris Nolin who were celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary.
Now that's an example and clear proof how Love can be till the end.
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