Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the Gospels these past Sundays we have heard about Jesus being presented to us as The Bread of Life.
There is one very important message that we should never fail to reflect, which is: THE HOLY EUCHARIST. The Holy Mass.
Its Meaning, its Importance and the need for us to grow in our Love and devotion for the Eucharist.

Its meaning.
Pope Benedict XVI said: The celebration and worship of the Eucharist enable us to draw near to God’s love and to persevere in that love" “Sacramentum Caritatis” (“The Sacrament of Charity”).
It is our source of strength to love, our source of grace to live meaningful lives as his followers. It is our Life , the Truth and our way to eternal salvation.
For me, in the Eucharist everything in my life as a priest, in my achievements and successes and in my my struggles, everything find its meaning. and I know if ever the day will come when I will be away from it, then it will be my end.

Its Importance.
I remember when we were kids whenever my mom would invite us to prepare to go to mass, there were times when we just wanted to stay at home and would even say that we will just attend mass through the television or just pray the rosary in the evening. And she would tell us: "Not even a hundred praying of the rosary could equal one attendance of the mass". We got the message and we all went to mass.
St. Theresa of Calcutta said: if the Eucharist is taken for granted, something breaks up in life.

Our Love and Devotion
I believe it is something that we have learned from others, maybe from a neighbor or a relative or from our parents.
we love the Eucharist because someone in life were our models and gave us good examples and taught us about the Eucharist
I know, I am a priest now because my mom , my parents taught me about Love for the Eucharist.
And i believe, that if ever we want that the next generation, the kids will learn to love the Eucharist then we should be the models, we the grownups, the parents should give them good example.

As we receive Christ today, may we be renewed and become better persons, growing in our love for one another and Christ.
May we grow in our appreciation and love for the Eucharist. As the source and summit of our christian Life, Amen

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