Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today is the first Sunday of advent
Advent-comes from the word "adventus", "ad venire" - the coming, to come.
And we ask today who is coming?
I asked a group of children, who is coming at Christmas time?, whom are we waiting for?- and they all answered Santa Claus.
It is our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST who is coming.
You may wonder why in the gospel today we have a different picture presented.
It is not about the a child being born in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes and who is with Mary and Joseph. But rather about the end, when the savior is coming accompanied by signs and surprises.
It is is because, we have the "Three Comings of Jesus Christ."
1. When He was born in Bethlehem. His coming in time.In the history, in the past, when He became man.
2. Another coming Is the here and now when we receive Christ in our hearts, through grace, when we listen to His words and we allow Him to touch us and make us better persons
3. His coming in glory, at the end of time at the end of life when we will finally meet Him again face to face.
So the celebration of advent is really something bigger than we we ordinarily think about.
And the church celebrates in advent the three comings of Christ.

The Gospel my dear brothers and sisters
is a call to prepare and to to prepare rightly.
that we need to have the right mind the right idea of what advent is..
that it is the coming of Jesus.
Lets never forget that the decorations and music and celebrations are all secondary..Christ should be the center.
we also need to have the right attitude, the right disposition
that it should be of joy and the sharing of joy, of Love to others.

We should have the right attitude of watchfulness and anticipation,
and it is a grace to have the attitude of watchfulness and readiness.
1. to see the true meaning of things we see around.
2. to see that aside from ourselves our needs even our families there are others who need our love and help.
3. to see the moments and occasions of grace that Christ knocks at our hearts.
4. to see that life is not forever that we should all set ourselves and prepare to meet Christ one day.
Let us ask and pray for these grace as we start the season of advent today
to have right mind, right attitude and disposition and grace of being watchful for the coming of Christ, amen.

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