Sunday, December 6, 2009



A - Awaiting for the Coming of Jesus Christ: His Birthday, His
coming to us through Grace and when He comes back in Glory.
(Wait for Jesus.. Not for Santa Claus or for gifts or for Bonuses..)

D - Do Good. It is a Time to Give, to Share, to Help others. When
we do good we make ourselves pleasing to God.

V - Vigilant. Stay awake and watch for we know not when He is
coming. Watch and See Oneself, what others Need and What God wants you to do.

E - EUCHARIST. The Holy Mass should be important in all our
schedules these season. It is a Time to Pray. A time to be Spiritual.

N - NO to Sin and vices and bad habits. Say Sorry and use the word
I Forgive you often.

T - THANKSGIVING. Say Thank you to Jesus for your Life and the many
Blessings and Love He showered upon you and your Family.

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"Leaps of Faith"

"LEAPS OF FAITH" Can be a religious movement of a person, an inner movement of belief, of trust on the greatest power of all, The Supreme being..Our Creator and Maker..Our God. They can be resolutions of a person everyday in his life to move forward, to be a better person, and to start a new life. They can be decisions of a person in times of great uncertainties, when he is not sure of what will come or happen and he makes a leap of faith. They can be steps, difficult steps that a person makes on his way to change or to start anew. Or they can simply be a persons resolve to fly, to widen his horizons, to learn more about life and to grow. These are Leaps of faith we make everyday and in great moments of our lives and they are worth considering and reflecting.