Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Reflection

We celebrate today with joy and gratitude, with love in our hearts and we celebrate with hope and trust in God as we come to the end of the year 2010 and as we start the new year of 2011.
The first month of the year is January. It is named after the roman god Janus a deity with two faces, one looking at the past the other looking to the future. Because tonight and the next days to come is really a time for us to look at the year that was and to look forward.
We look at the past with gratitude as we realize what a journey it has been for all of us specially to be able to brave all the difficulties and hardships in life and even to make it to the end of the year.
We remember our joys and success and also those moments of failures and bad times knowing that we can always learn from them so as not to repeat them again.
Looking at the past is important as Jose Rizal would remind us: “A person who does not look back cannot reach his destination.”
And the future we look with eagerness and hope and trust.
It is a gift given to you and me. A new beginning, a chance to start anew, with new opportunities to love, to do good, to give and to serve.
Looking back and looking forward, but the now is also important
This is the time to make resolutions to make plans.
A beautiful message for all of us to ponder.
“Do not look back with anger do not look to the future with fear look around with love and anticipation.
The now is the time to do good to love and to serve and to be thankful.
I guess some have seen the movie kung fu panda, the master in the movie said. “yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why it is called the present.
Lastly my dear brothers and sisters a beautiful message for you and me is to say: “To those I have offended I say I’m sorry, to those I may have helped I wish I did more and those who have helped me I say thank you.”
Never forget to say thank to you to your love ones and friends as you greet each other Happy New Year. And thank you to Jesus for the gift of life and a new chance to start a new year
God bless you and your family Peace Happiness, good health and Success

Happy New Year

I am reminded of a story of a little boy, bullied by three other bigger boys until one day he was cornered and has no way to run. The Little boy drew a line between him and the big boys and he dared them saying..try to cross the line and you will see! They did crossed the line, and then he said..So you see, we are now on the same side.
Christmas is about the Incarnation. Jesus as God becoming one of us. The Word made Flesh and dwelt among us..He is now on our side.
It is a mystery. Something we will never understand, God becoming man, like us?
But the message is clear.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.
He cares for us and He loves us.
Also God is with us now. He is on our side. He shares with us our joys and successes and yes even our pains and sufferings.
when we suffer and are in pain, believe that we are never alone.
It is just wonderful to realize that as we start the new year of 2011, with all its uncertainties, we believe that Jesus is with us. On our side , to help us to protect us and to keep us safe.
May our Lives this new year be filled with the graces of Peace, Happiness, Good Health and Success. God Bless you and me. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Youth of the Parish of St Joseph were doing a LIVE MANGER in front of the Church.
After my mass I dropped by and thank and congratulated them.
I was touched but felt a little sad because I noticed, though we had crowd during the mass, I only saw two couples who dropped by and found time to appreciate the Live Manger...and I noticed people were leaving and were in a hurry probably to go home or go somewhere else.
And said to myself. I hope and pray, that this Christmas, people will not be carried away by the many activities, celebrations, and parties that we will have and be in a hurry to leave and would fail to take time to visit and appreciate the center of the season and celebration. Jesus Christ Himself in the manger.
With all the Gift Giving and receiving may we not fail to see that Jesus in the manger is the Greatest Gift of all.
Learn from Mary and Joseph today. They were very much part of Christmas but they were never concerned of their own interest, their own agenda but were very much aware that someone greater was coming. That they were not operators but only Co-operators of the whole plan of salvation and that the center of all is JESUS CHRIST.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Angels

A video clip of Children close to me. My Family.
Would remind you and me, as we celebrate The feast of the Immaculate Conception.
That we may not be like Mary, Immaculate and conceived without sin,
But we can always attain purity of heart.
When we acknowledge our faults, our mistakes, our sins, our failures
and would ask the Lord for Forgiveness.
He can grant us pardon and offer us peace and happiness in our hearts.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

John means God is Gracious

Happy Second Sunday of advent.
In all second Sundays of advent celebrations, John the Baptist would always be the central figure.
He is very important in our faith because
He is very much part of our preparation and celebration of Christmas
Remember even with the annunciation he was the one in the womb of Elizabeth who leaped for joy when she heard Mary’s greetings.
And as the Gospel reminds us today John prepared the way, the coming our Lord.
Let us learn from John Today for his Life, his message tells us a lot about how we should celebrate the advent season.
1. He showed us how he lived simply. “John wore clothing of camel's hair with a leather belt around his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey. “
It reminds us about what is essential in our preparation for Christmas.
Yes, the decorations, and lights and parties and all the trimmings- they are important
But more important and essential, and always we say what is essential is invisible to the eyes
Is the preparation of our hearts and souls, and of our lives.
To make ourselves at peace and worthy to receive Jesus.

2. His message: “Prepare the way of the lord make straight his path, “
Is a reminder for us to straighten up our hearts our lives.
In Life we loose our way, we commit mistakes and we have our failures and advent is a time to straighten it up .
There is the call for repentance and conversion.
This is the time when the word "sorry" is really meaningful to say sorry for our mistakes our failures and to change and to start a new with a resolve not to do it again.
And this is also the time even if it is hard to do to use the words "I forgive."
For there would always be some who could have us.
For as the poem says:
“Why be enemies if we can be friends
Why separate if we can be together
Why get angry if we can be at peace.”

And humility to be able to accept our limitation is a key for a meaningful repentance. Just Like John who said " I am not worthy to Even untie the straps of his sandals."

3. Lastly John whose name means a gift and that God is gracious reminds us
About Jesus as the greatest gift of all given to you and me even if we are not worthy of this precious gift
And we are also reminded that you and me, we Gods gift.
That we are His children, with dignity and are all loved.

Story of Giovanni, I believe is reminder for us that we are God’s gift and a beautiful example of repentance and conversion.
You and me, we are Gifts from God, and more that that we also have received lots of gifts.
This season of advent remember the invitation of the Lord, whatever gifts you have received give as a gift.

John means "God is gracious." Do you need something this Christmas? For yourself or a love one? Ask. Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts, for we have received The Greatest Gift of all-Jesus. Ask and believe that Jesus Himself will never fail you.

As prepare for Jesus, this advent, May He be our Light and may john be our model. Amen

Sunday, November 28, 2010


A new season, a new year in the church. A new beginning for us, a chance to start all over, to start anew, and a new opportunity to love , to forgive, to serve, and to do good.
Advent comes from the Latin word "adventus" which means 'coming'. For this season is the preparation for the advent of our savior Jesus Christ, the preparation for His Birthday, for Christmas.
This season invites each of us to have the Spirit, the right attitude as we prepare. And the spirit is mentioned in the gospel today when Jesus said: "Stay awake and be prepared for we do not know when the son of man will come."
VIGILARE, Being attentive, being awake,aware, and eager is the spirit and attitude of advent.
Being awake and aware and attentive, yes, first of all it reminds us of the end time when we will finally come face to face with God our creator. It is being aware and prepared for the end to come.
But there is another way of understanding being aware or vigilant or staying awake.
Like when we are driving we should be awake and attentive and vigilant so as not to hit someone.
Or like a mother who is attentive and awake specially when she hear the cry of the baby in the middle of the night.
This kind of being aware, being awake or vigilant is done because we have to do it, it is by obligation.
But there is another way of being awake and vigilant, and it happens when
we see a person who needs help and you are there to help that person even if he or she does not see you.
or being attentive and aware to the needs of your parents or your kids. when you know your mom or husband is busy or having a headache you don't bug her
or like when the priest is vesting at the back and you are there to help to assist not because you want to choke the priest but want to help
this is the kind of being aware and attentive and being awake, you do it because you want to and because you love.
and this is the spirit of advent and of Christmas.
Be attentive and aware and awake to the needs of others.
Be attentive and awake and aware to the goodness of God in your life, do not just see the troubles.
Be attentive to goodness of others not only his fault
Be attentive, be awake and be aware, that's the spirit that we should have this advent.
May we prepare for the coming of the saviour meaningfully, with joy in our hearts and right spirit, a spirit of vigilance for coming of Jesus. Amen

Friday, November 26, 2010

Notes of the Day

The Coming of the Kingdom
Can be understood in Different ways:
1. It can mean the end time when we finally get the meet our creator and be with Him in His Kingdom in heaven.
2. It can also mean the Birth of our Savior as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.
3. It can also be understood as the Coming of Jesus into our Hearts, in our Lives in our family. It is the establishment of the Kingdom here on earth. A kingdom where we live with Love, peace, unity and Happiness and service for others.
Jesus said in the Gospel: “The Kingdom is among you already.”
When we come together at the table of the Lord to celebrate the Eucharist, when we as a family are united in Love and Peace, when we offer our goodness and help those who are in need , these are some signs that the kingdom is with us and that Jesus is in our hearts.
It may not be perfect yet, for that’s how it is here on earth but we believe we will have its perfection in heaven.

Be Alert
Maybe you have seen that advertisement on the Internet and TV of a funny lady, who was all excited waiting for black Friday shopping, Or maybe like those falling in line very early before the stores open or even those camping outside two days before.
That may sound weird or funny
But that’s the kind of excitement that we should have as we wait for Jesus. As we prepare for Christmas.
It is just sad because we give such excitement for shopping or other things but not for Christ.

The End
A friend asked me: "why did Jerusalem fell? And I answered because that’s how it should happen. Whatever rises, one day it will also fall.
The End is a reality. Just as there is beginning, the end will also come
And the end is also important. One could just imagine if the things we do here on earth will have no end, it would really be boring.
Just imagine if we start the mass and it will go on and on without end.
It reminds us also that If in Life we have troubles and pains and sufferings. There will be an end to it, someday.

I have a lot to thank the Good Lord for.
So many Blessings has been given to me and many I never even expected or asked for or even deserved to receive them and yet offered to me.
I say Thank you to the Lord this Thanksgiving celebration.

Teach me Lord
I go around greeting my friends and love ones with Happy Thanksgiving today
But I asked the Good Lord to give me the strength and enlightenment to offer the greeting to my friends who are experiencing troubles and pain these days.
Truly I find it hard and I feel sad.
For how could I really say meaningfully HAPPY THANKSGIVING?
To a friend who is in pain and dying of cancer in the hospice.
To a friend who got separated from his wife and cannot be together with the family these holidays.
To a family in financial trouble these past days.
To a mother who lost his only son who committed suicide.
Please teach me Lord.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today as we honor Jesus Christ our King
A clear picture is given to us in the gospel about his Kingship.
It will help us know more and more about our Lord, about how He is as our king and would help us grow in our relationship and love for Him and His life tells us also a lot about how to live as his followers.
We are reminded today that Jesus our King is unique and one of a kind
1. Unlike the usual image of a King with all their power and possessions and palaces. Jesus our King lived a life of simplicity and humility. “The son of man came and even never had a place to lay his head.”
2. Kings demand respect and be served. But Jesus came to serve, not to be served. Jesus lived a Life of total service. Especially for the lost, the poor and the sick.
3. Kings sits at their throne with their crown and scepter. Jesus hangs on the cross dying and suffering and still forgiving.
4. “And his Kingdom does not belong to this world.”
It is a kingdom founded on Love and service.
One of a Kind, and Unique,
And you and I, we all belong to this Kingdom.
# Story of Napoleon Bonaparte who wrote a memoir: Caesar, Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, These were great kings who ruled with absolute power and even violence and force...But where are they now? They are gone. And their Kingdom destroyed.
Jesus, He led with simplicity, humility and love and service, and now His kingdom is still flourishing and more men and women follow Him and even offer their lives for Him.
Our King is one of a Kind.
We wonder why do we celebrate Christ our King with this image Hanging on the cross, suffering dying and surrounded by thieves.
Answer: Because He wants to show to us the Kind of King he is to you and me.
1. That He is King who is true to His word. When He said I will Love you and serve you till I die, this He showed on the cross. Very far to what we are as his follower, how often we make promises even simple promises and often we break them and never keep them.
2. He is a King who is not detached or far from us. He shares with us our pains and sufferings. And so when we suffer, when we experience betrayal, hardships and pain, just remember our King is one with us and you are not alone.
3. He is a King who can forgive, and even if we have fallen in Life it’s never too late we can all start all over, because our king is forgiving.
4. And lastly he is a King who will love us whoever we are and whatever we are, it does not matter, we are His children, with dignity and we are loved.
That’s why when He was asked are you the King? He did not answer directly. It is not his title, position and power and money that made him a king but who He was.
And it tells us how to look at ourselves and others.
It is not the externals, titles, power or possessions or even nationality. But who we truly are.
One of a Kind
And the invitation and challenge today for you and me.
Make Christ the King of your heart of your soul
Make Christ the King of your family of your relationship and this community and this country
And just like the thief who accepted Christ, no matter what we experience these days, it may even be pain and suffering and failure and being lost,
Be hopeful and make Christ our king
Today you will be with me in paradise.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Power of the Holy Spirit

I was at the pharmacy when suddenly a guy approach me and asked "You are the priest, right?" The priest from St Gertrude's? and He went on to say, You did a wonderful Homily this morning. and then he went on to tell me again everything he heard. Amazing how he remembered what I said.
I said Thank you for his acknowledgement and I said to myself. I can say lots of homilies but for this person to remember and be touched is not my work.
It must come from the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Power of the Holy Spirit can touch us and inspire us to do wonderful things in life for others and even for the Lord
Let us therefore always be open to His POWER and be inspired. Amen

Monday, August 2, 2010

18th Sunday Ordinary Time C


Some Years ago in small and remote parish where I was assigned as a pastor,in Zamboanga Philippines. One day a poor family, came to the rectory, they were from the mountains,they were farmers , they come once a week to the town to sell their produce and to buy things they needed. they wanted to see me and asked me to bless their small and old image of the blessed virgin Mary. The mother came in and with her their two young girls ages 3 and 5. They were poor and please take note in my place when I say poor, they are with tattered clothes, they have practically nothing, no food stamps, they don't drive a car they walk barefooted. And so I blessed the image and blessed the family too.
The mother said thank you and the youngest girl who was then eating a corn on a cob motioned to me and stretched her hand and offered the other half of the corn.
I was so touched because, here was a child who practically had nothing, probably that was her only meal that day and yet could still offer something to me and still would like to give.
so touched I was that I offered them things from the rectory, food and other things for them to bring back home.

It was a very ordinary and simple event in my life.
But I always believe God allows ordinary events to happen and He sends angels to tell you and me His message.
That day, through the child, I believed, an angel, reminded me so much about myself, about possessions and about sharing.
When we were kids life was simple and our needs were simpler, little things would make us very happy but as we grow older and learn more things, more knowledge and become wiser, we know that we aspire for more also, we want to have things, materials things that could make us happy, gadgets money and often we want to have more. We aspire for more possessions.
Possessions, material things..they are important for us, for the future, for the family.
But the gospel reminds us also that possessions , materials things should never posses us instead or become the center of our lives that it dictates even our relationships.
The man in the gospel stored up so much that he forgot about the giver of life who could take away everything in an instance.
Possessions also are given to us as blessings and it gives us an opportunity to help, to share and to give.
The man in the Gospel had so much inheritance but it could not be shared.
How often, now that we have enough and for some even more that enough, the older and wiser we get the more difficult it is to give.
The lord has to remind us beware of the natural tendency to selfishness, and beware of greed.
In a way we are all blessed, and blessed tremendously, Let us learn to give the things we received as a gift to others.
Let us always asked the Lord to teach us to be generous. Amen

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lord Teach us to Pray

we all are prayerful people,
we all believe in the efficacy, in the power and importance of prayer.
that's the reason why we come to Church for we believe that the Holy Eucharist is Prayer itself. In the words of Pope Paul VI: "The Holy Mass is a perfect form of prayer where we can ask for what we need and also give thanks."
Mother Therese ff Calcutta one day was so overwhelmed by the many blessings she received and so it was said that she asked the Lord, what should i do to give thanks? and the Lord told her "go to mass."

we all have our own way of getting in touch with God through our prayers
some are gifted with being able pray spontaneously, others are like the person in the Gospel who could only stay at the back of the temple and beat his breast and say Lord be merciful to me for I am a sinner.
In whatever manner you pray and speak to God be it only asking or giving thanks or all, as long as it is truly a lifting up of ones heart and mind and soul to God it is Prayer and you are praying rightly.

We all have our own experience of prayer and how God answered them.
sometimes it is a yes, and there are times it is a No, specially if it doesn't really help us. God will never give us if it could endanger our souls. That's the reason why I figured until now i never won the lotto. God knows that it will just destroy me.
sometimes the answer to our prayers takes a long time, my sister prayed for 17 years until finally they were blessed with two beautiful children.
but always remember when we pray and ask, it is not us who decides, it is God, in His own time and way. Let us always learn and believe He will answer not according to what and how we want.

In the Gospel Jesus offers to us the Lords prayer
Pope Benedict said it is the best guide for us on how to pray rightly and how our attitudes should be when praying.
when we ask we believe that Gods will be domne not ours.

My dear brothers and sisters
continue believing in the power of praywer
pray from the heart pray sincerely
and pray unceasingly even if at times answers are not experienced right away.

Have you had any troubles lately in receiving mails or emails?
Has no one wrote you or sent you or answered your mails?
someone said try "knee mails"
prayers and messages you send on your kness and God will surely answer them. Amen.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Journey Man

The Journey Man
Jesus is on a journey to Jerusalem (Lk.9:51)..A Tough Journey, for it was a journey through the dessert, a journey to suffering and death, a journey with hostile people never wanting him to enter their towns.
Jesus also appointed seventy-two others and sent them in pairs on a journey, (Lk. 10:1) on a mission to proclaim His good news. He ask them to travel light and to proclaim peace and hope.
Reflection Notes
1. Life is a Journey. whatever we do in life at work, as parents, as students is also a journey. Reaching our goals and aspirations in life is a journey, our relationships is a journey and yes our christian life of following the Lord is a journey.
It has a beginning and an end.
Some are just beginning, others half way and still others are on their last leg of travel in this world
we worry often how far have we reached or how long have we journeyed or how high we have achieved our goals.
Someone said: "It doesn't matter how far or high or long we have journeyed, what matters is HOW MUCH we have LOVED.

2.The Journey may have its joyous and meaningful moments but sometimes it gets interrupted by dark moments, pain and suffering and even death and it pains us. Like Jesus, there will even be some who would reject you and be hostile to you.

Someone shared." Try the Three Letter P's"
a. Perseverance, hold on and never loose faith, fight to the finish. If You fall stand up again and continue. Jesus fell three times and three times He stood up again and continued carrying the cross.
b. Patience. Learn to hold back, to take it easy and learning to be cool when instances would temp us to flare up or to react with anger or hatred. When Jesus was rejected by the some villagers, the apostles flared up right away, demanding: Lord let us pray for fire from heaven to destroy them!. Jesus instead travelled through another village.
Having patience could spare us from lasting conflicts and even hurting others.
c. Prayer. Its our strength and power in times of hardships and dark clouds in Life. With God we believe nothing wrong could ever happen.

3. We are not travelling alone in this world.
It really made sense for Jesus sending his apostles in pairs. I have been travelling lately alone, and I know It would be more fun if I shared it with a company.
In our Journey in Life let us remember that we are not alone. Never take for granted people around us, sometimes we are more charitable to others and people not really close to us but we fail to give quality time to those very near us or in our family.
Do not step on others or use others just for us to reach our goals. It would be very sad if it happens.
4. Stop overs. Like on a journey we experience stop overs, places and people we meet along the way. Thank God for them for their Love and goodness. They help us grow in Life and their Love gives us more inspiration to go on.
In my Journey, I have met so many special persons who guided me and helped me. In Italy, In Rome , In Bologna, in Florida, in New York, in Sangali, in Eicas, in Icas, in tetuan, even my family, all over. I feel sad because often times I fail to get in touch with them But I hope that my sincerest prayers for them will be enough.

5. Travel Light. Our heartaches and anger and sin and other unimportant things we carry in Life can be an added burden. It won't help our journey. Learn to travel Light.

6. Journey with Hope. Travel with Faith. It will surely help us to find meaning, happiness and success in our Journey.

Travel Safely and May we have a HAPPY TRIP.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I remember my Father Agripino "Pin" Faustino.
He was my protector. (One day back home in Kabatan, Zamboanga del sur, when I was just a kid, I won't forget How my dad bravely carried me in his arms, as we were fleeing , evacuating, while people were panicking around us, to a safer place, for the bandits, terrorists were attacking the next nearest town. I thought then, that with him nothing wrong could ever happen.)

He was a Good Provider. Whatever I asked he will give. I guess that's the reason why in a way I kind of developed the attitude of Getting what I want always). He will never fail to give and so even now even if he has gone back to the father in heaven, I still ask him for help in times of need and hardships in life and I know he will never fail me.

He was my Guide. On his death bed he told me simply and clearly when at a time I was not certain of my future, I was a seminarian then, He said: "You have started it finish it."

A Protector, A Provider and my Guide.
My Dad. PAPANG really showed me the true traits of our Heavenly Father in Heaven.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Treasures in Heaven

We are wise!
We make plans for the future
We save for the rainy days
We store and save and often ready for any eventuality.
We get Insurances and some even have Funeral plans already.
(My Mom had prepared already a space in the cemetery for her and for my dad so that they can be together.)
But I still wonder, Is there an assurance that we can enter Heaven in the end?
It reminds us therefore to be ready and to make preparations for our souls.
And Jesus' words are really meaningful when He said: "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth or decay can destroy nor thieves can break in and steal."
Today, I was called to visit Ralph Esposito, a Brother Knight, for communion and anointing. He is sick, in pain and suffering.
Before I left he requested, Father, can you give me the final rite already? I know I am going. I have asked for forgiveness already and have forgiven those who caused me pain and I wish to be prepared to meet the Lord.
I gave him the last rite, And I believe that he was truly prepared and ready.
May we also make preparations for the end
For we know not when the Lord will call us.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Thanksgiving for the Gift of Priesthood


These are days of Joy, of Meaning, of Hope and of Fulfillment.
As I celebrated my 18Th year as a Priest,
And on the celebration of the Holy Mass, the cantor sung beautifully the words: "You are a Priest forever in the line of Melchizedek."
In Rome, Pope Benedict the XVI brings to a close the great celebration of the Year of the Priest.
I am reminded on the day of my Ordination When I chose for my symbol "The Seed." For it was how I looked at myself then and even until now.
A Seed who is so insignificant, sometimes can be taken for granted, powerless,and small.
But full of Hope, for this same Seed can "Grow and can even become the largest of trees."
The seed can achieve great things. A seed, no matter how small can grow and be of great service and help to others, "Shelter and food for animals and birds." Its branches can reach out, and it is ever growing and living and until when it can go is unimaginable.
Through the Overflowing Love of the Lord I received this precious gift.
He is my strength and help and He lifts up my nature.
The Gift of Priesthood is in me like a Seed, No matter how insignificant, No matter how imperfect I am, The Power of Jesus can help me reach out and touch the hearts of others,
Achieve great things and be an instrument in my own little way, of God's Love and good News.
That I can grow and always be full of hope for the future.
I will always be grateful for the Gift of Priesthood, grateful for the opportunity The Lord has given me to be of help to others at the service of the Lord, and always Hopeful for many many more opportunities and things to come.
May the Good Work that he has began on me be brought to its Fulfillment.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prayer for the Graduates

Almighty Father, source of Wisdom, Goodness and Love.
Through the sacrifice and care and love of parents, teachers, you gave these wonderful boys and girls knowledge and experience. Thank you very for your blessings, for we believe everything comes from You .
They are graduates now.
And now Lord as they move forward, learning more in life, teach them to use their knowledge wisely, help them in their own little way make our world a better place to live and to make life in this beautiful world meaningful and easier.
Grant them all your grace of strength, of peace and courage and faith that they continue serving one another and you in effective ways.
That they may realize that everything they receive and they do is a fulfillment of Your will.
Bless us always with your Love through the intercession of the blessed Virgin and St Joseph, In Jesus name Amen.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Trinity Sunday.
Unlike other feast or celebration in the church when we honor a person or an event, today we celebrate a belief.
Our Faith on the One Triune God, that there are three persons in one God, God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
It is a mystery something that our minds could never reach or fathom. It defies logic or mathematics, for how can it be 1+1+1=1
This is what the Lord is telling us today in the gospel: " I have much more to tell you but you cannot bear it now But the Holy Spirit come upon you He will guide you by the truth."
But we believe because Christ said so, Go and make disciples of all nations baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
and always we will be Trinitarian, when we make the sign of the cross, that's our faith and trust in the holy trinity.
and it is sad when how sometimes this profession is not used in the right and proper way.
a story about how a visitor, a foreigner in our country the Philippines was impressed and amazed when he saw a man before climbing a coconut three made the sign of the cross and remarked about his being religious and he was corrected don.t be impressed for he is climbing to steal coconuts.
today we are reminded about how we profess and hold our faith one the triun God the right and sincerest way.
It reminds us also about the message of Unity.
Just as God the father God the son and God the Holy Spirit are one Unity is also important for us
In our lives that we should make an effort to be always be close and united with God, for "apart from him we can do nothing." Jesus said. In Him we have our strength and our being remain united with Him
Work for Unity at Home
to our couples stand firm there will always be challenges in your relationship hold on and be united it is worth fighting till the end.
The family gets its strength in being close to each other and united. Its vacation time take the opportunity to find time to be together.
St Joseph is doing great because of the unity and love of many.
Our country, will always be united, for it is the United States of America, but there is an invitation to practice it sincerely and faithfully and use unity for doing more good and showing love for others.
As we honor God the Father, God the son and the Holy Spirit, as we celebrate our faith let us also ask to help us become an instrument of unity and peace, Amen

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Power

Pentecost Sunday
Is a very special occasion in the life of the church.
For it is like the “birthday of the Church.” On this day everything in the life of the church started when Christ empowered his disciples to proclaim His message of love to the world.
For me it is personally special because 18 years ago today ( I clearly remember everything) in an unfinished church back home with my family and friends I said my first mass. "18 years and still going."
Pentecost comes from the word “Pente” and “coste” = 50 days after Easter we also end today Easter season. The Light of Easter will be put off, but it should continue burning in our hears, that we should continue burning with love and sacrifice for others and for the Lord.
Christ gave His disciples and you and me the power, the gift of the Holy Spirit- the Power, the force that would animate us, inspire us.
And we know how much we need inspiration.
It was the late Bishop Fulton Sheen who said: “ we are suppose to be chosen people but often we behave like frozen people” and frozen indeed we become sometimes on our practice of our faith, frozen, when we are not able to love and serve and to forgive.
Christ giving us the holy spirit.
Please be reminded that the Holy Spirit is with us already. When we were baptized when I was ordained, when you were confirmed we received the Holy Spirit, and Pentecost is just a yearly celebration of looking at ourselves and and the church and discover again our soul, the holy spirit in our hearts.
You may fail to see it sometimes, but always the holy spirit is with us, that allows to do wonderful things, for me to say this homily with all my incapacity, for you to come to church today and forgo with other things in life, to beautifully sing with our inspired choir, to do things for others silently without expecting any acknowledgement, visiting those who are sick…do you see the power of the holy spirit working, even to realize these things is a gift of the holy spirit.

The Spirit offers us Peace. And we know much we need it. With all the conflicts and confusion in our lives, in the family and in the world, surely we really need the gift of peace.

Lastly the Spirit is our advocate, our protector.
There are times when we are afraid and worried, about our future,about our love ones.
Learn to ask the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit. He will never fail us and nothing wrong could ever happen.
The Holy Spirit protected the Church. It kept us going through ups and down all these two thousand years.
Someone said. No matter what scandal or troubles will rock the church It will persist because it is protected and founded on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let us ask the Power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us, fill our hearts and enkindle in us the fire of love and that we will receive strength, inspiration peace and power to forgive and be renewed. Amen

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


In this age of technology, it is easy to keep in touch with friends and love ones
with cellphones and emails.
I can even call my mom anytime for free

As Jesus speaks to the Father through prayer we too can also communicate to Jesus and the Father.
Let us be reminded today of the need to pray and its power and to pray unceasingly as Jesus told us.
As Jesus prays to the Father he also prays for us.
Let us not only pray for ourselves but also for others specially for our love ones and those who don't have anyone to pray for them.

Maybe you are concern about unanswered prayers?
Jesus assures : ask the Father in my name and your joy will be complete.

If you have troubles receiving emails, and that lately no one has been answering your mails?
Someone said:
try "Knee Mails": mails or messages you send on your knees, through prayers and Jesus will never let you down. Amen

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The Lyrics of this song, that I heard on the radio (whose title I never got to know) rightly expresses it:
"Saying Goodbye is not an easy thing to do, it can make you angry, it can make you cry, it can make you feel so sad and you don't know what to do, its not easy to say goodbye."

It can be leaving home or going away like being deployed to the Middle East, (Picture ofPaige, standing at the side of her father holding his hands as they were being deployed to the middle east)
It can be the going away of bishop Thomas Winski,
It can be our graduates saying goodbye this school year,
It maybe about a lost love and separation,
Or the passing away of a love one which is the hardest.
It is never easy and so hard to say goodbye. “Goodbyes are difficult.”

Jesus is saying goodbye today in the gospel as we celebrate Ascension Sunday. He is going back to the father, He is going to heaven.

Normally those who are left behind are the ones affected, who feels the pain. When I left home, I was not crying, I was excited, but my family, my mom they were the ones crying. How I wished I could leave something behind to appease them, and my nephew jokingly said: ‘You could leave us your credit Card!)

But Jesus offers us His encouragement, His words of consolation. In the scriptures, these days, we hear the many encouragement of the Lord, saying:
" I will not leave you orphaned." I will give you the Advocate, The Holy Spirit to be with you in Spirit and in your hearts.
"I pray to those who believe in me that they will be one." That we will not be harmed and be scattered.
He said. " Do not be Afraid for I will be with you till the end of time."
"I am going to prepare a place for you so that where I am you also will be."
So many words of encouragement of hope and assurance for us who are left behind.

My Brothers and sisters, even the spirit of Ascension offers us so much hope and encouragement.
Its meaning in our lives is actually a Blessing.
Ascension means, that just as Jesus ascended to heaven, we too can ascend from wherever we are, we too can stand up, we too can start a new life always.

Sometimes we think that if we have fallen, there is no more hope, if have sinned that we are doomed.
No, we can still start all over again, yes we may stand up and fall and fall always but ascension tells us not to loose hope but to learn to stand again and begin anew,

We look at our lives and we become desperate because sometimes there is no progress, sometimes there is so much hardships and troubles. So much poverty. Ascension tells us, we can rise, we strive hard, continue working faithfully and that there will be better times.
Sometimes we tend to say “that's what we are and that's how far we can go..No, we can still stand up again.
That’s Ascension and it gives us hope and encouragement and meaning to continue serving and loving.
Be glad my dear brothers and sisters for just as Jesus ascended, we too can ascend in life, in love and to be with him and with our love ones in heaven. Amen

Friday, May 14, 2010

St. Mathias

Why Me?

Sometimes I wonder why was I chosen to be a Priest.
Who am I to deserve so much Blessings and Opportunities.

The Lord Jesus would say in the Gospel today: “You have not chosen me, I have chosen you. Go and Bear fruit that will last.” Jn. 15:16.

I still wonder why me but one thing is clear that I have to go, in gratitude for the blessings I received, for being chosen, to go and serve and continue loving and fulfilling the mission at hand that I was given to bear fruit that will lasts.
(We celebrate today the Feast of St. Mathias, chosen to replace Judas. Why Mathias? We wonder why.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Palabra de Dios

My Homily during my First mass with the Spanish Community in Winter Haven Florida. (Sixth Sunday of Easter, Mother's Day)

Es una costumbre, cuando alguien se va a separar de su familia, que los padres y mayores ofrezcan consejos y palabras de sabiduría o bendición a la persona.
Yo también fui bendecido y recibí palabras de aliento de parte de mi Madre cuando partí de mi casa hace una semana para venir a Winter Haven.
Esto es lo que Jesús esta haciendo en el Evangelio de hoy. El esta partiendo. Lo próximo sera la Asención, así que El ofrece palabras de consejo, palabras de sosiego, aliento, y palabras de paz a sus discípulos.
Esas palabras son también para ustedes y para mi.
1. El no quiero dejarnos huerfanos.
A. Entonces nos da el Paráclito, el Espíritu Santo, el defensor para protegernos y guiarnos. Siempre debemos pedir al Espíritu Santo que nos inspire y nos fortalezca en todo lo que hacemos en nuestras vidas.
B. El nos da a MARÍA, nuestra Madre Celestial. Su mes de mayo y Mayo es el mes de María. Pídele a Ella su protección.
C. El nos ofrece Nuestras Madres, para que sigamos sintiendo El Amor y Cuidado del Padre en este mundo. Recordamos hoy a todas las madres y rogamos por su salud y felicidad.
(cuando partí mi madre estaba preocupada y llena de dudas; me preguntó quien me iba a cocinar en Winter Haven. Yo tengo mas madres que me cuidan, como Carmen quien me brinda de su cocina latina).

2. El nos Bendice con la Paz. Bien sabemos cuanto lo necesitamos, para nosotros mismos, para nuestras familias, para nuestra comunidad y para el mundo entero. Cuantos conflictos y peleas hay en estos tiempos, en verdad que necesitamos Paz.
Estas son las palabras de Jesús y nos pide que lo sigamos para que se cumplan, porque: "el que me ama cumplirá mi palabra."
Y añade que nunca debemos perder el consuelo porque si cumplimos sus palabras, El nunca nos faltará, El siempre estará aquí para protegernos.
Alegrensen mis queridos hermanos y hermanas porque así es que Jesús nos ama y cuida.
Vamos entonces a Amarnos los unos a los otros mientras continuamos amando a nuestro Padre Celestial. Amen.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Few months ago, friends from Winter Haven Florida, sent me pictures through face book of their dying plants and fruit trees and flowers due to frost. It was the start of winter and it was a sad scene.
Recently, I received pictures again but this time it was of blooming, flowering beautiful flowers. It is springtime.
Our Almighty Father has set an order in this world, that is, from death to Life, from sadness to joy, from winter to springtime, from Lent to Easter. A hopeful movement of time from hardships to better times.
Let us be glad and always be hopeful for always there will be Life, Joy, Better times and Easter.

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"Leaps of Faith"

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