Sunday, May 16, 2010


The Lyrics of this song, that I heard on the radio (whose title I never got to know) rightly expresses it:
"Saying Goodbye is not an easy thing to do, it can make you angry, it can make you cry, it can make you feel so sad and you don't know what to do, its not easy to say goodbye."

It can be leaving home or going away like being deployed to the Middle East, (Picture ofPaige, standing at the side of her father holding his hands as they were being deployed to the middle east)
It can be the going away of bishop Thomas Winski,
It can be our graduates saying goodbye this school year,
It maybe about a lost love and separation,
Or the passing away of a love one which is the hardest.
It is never easy and so hard to say goodbye. “Goodbyes are difficult.”

Jesus is saying goodbye today in the gospel as we celebrate Ascension Sunday. He is going back to the father, He is going to heaven.

Normally those who are left behind are the ones affected, who feels the pain. When I left home, I was not crying, I was excited, but my family, my mom they were the ones crying. How I wished I could leave something behind to appease them, and my nephew jokingly said: ‘You could leave us your credit Card!)

But Jesus offers us His encouragement, His words of consolation. In the scriptures, these days, we hear the many encouragement of the Lord, saying:
" I will not leave you orphaned." I will give you the Advocate, The Holy Spirit to be with you in Spirit and in your hearts.
"I pray to those who believe in me that they will be one." That we will not be harmed and be scattered.
He said. " Do not be Afraid for I will be with you till the end of time."
"I am going to prepare a place for you so that where I am you also will be."
So many words of encouragement of hope and assurance for us who are left behind.

My Brothers and sisters, even the spirit of Ascension offers us so much hope and encouragement.
Its meaning in our lives is actually a Blessing.
Ascension means, that just as Jesus ascended to heaven, we too can ascend from wherever we are, we too can stand up, we too can start a new life always.

Sometimes we think that if we have fallen, there is no more hope, if have sinned that we are doomed.
No, we can still start all over again, yes we may stand up and fall and fall always but ascension tells us not to loose hope but to learn to stand again and begin anew,

We look at our lives and we become desperate because sometimes there is no progress, sometimes there is so much hardships and troubles. So much poverty. Ascension tells us, we can rise, we strive hard, continue working faithfully and that there will be better times.
Sometimes we tend to say “that's what we are and that's how far we can go..No, we can still stand up again.
That’s Ascension and it gives us hope and encouragement and meaning to continue serving and loving.
Be glad my dear brothers and sisters for just as Jesus ascended, we too can ascend in life, in love and to be with him and with our love ones in heaven. Amen


dimplepops said...

HEllo Fr. Archie.. you have good reflections in here. I am glad that I can connect with you in this media. Still witnessing the Faith of our Fathers in spite I am in a Buddhist world.
We will keep on praying for each other.

Archie Arthur Faustino said...

Thanks for the comment, my little way of reaching and touching other's lives. God Bless

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