Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Power

Pentecost Sunday
Is a very special occasion in the life of the church.
For it is like the “birthday of the Church.” On this day everything in the life of the church started when Christ empowered his disciples to proclaim His message of love to the world.
For me it is personally special because 18 years ago today ( I clearly remember everything) in an unfinished church back home with my family and friends I said my first mass. "18 years and still going."
Pentecost comes from the word “Pente” and “coste” = 50 days after Easter we also end today Easter season. The Light of Easter will be put off, but it should continue burning in our hears, that we should continue burning with love and sacrifice for others and for the Lord.
Christ gave His disciples and you and me the power, the gift of the Holy Spirit- the Power, the force that would animate us, inspire us.
And we know how much we need inspiration.
It was the late Bishop Fulton Sheen who said: “ we are suppose to be chosen people but often we behave like frozen people” and frozen indeed we become sometimes on our practice of our faith, frozen, when we are not able to love and serve and to forgive.
Christ giving us the holy spirit.
Please be reminded that the Holy Spirit is with us already. When we were baptized when I was ordained, when you were confirmed we received the Holy Spirit, and Pentecost is just a yearly celebration of looking at ourselves and and the church and discover again our soul, the holy spirit in our hearts.
You may fail to see it sometimes, but always the holy spirit is with us, that allows to do wonderful things, for me to say this homily with all my incapacity, for you to come to church today and forgo with other things in life, to beautifully sing with our inspired choir, to do things for others silently without expecting any acknowledgement, visiting those who are sick…do you see the power of the holy spirit working, even to realize these things is a gift of the holy spirit.

The Spirit offers us Peace. And we know much we need it. With all the conflicts and confusion in our lives, in the family and in the world, surely we really need the gift of peace.

Lastly the Spirit is our advocate, our protector.
There are times when we are afraid and worried, about our future,about our love ones.
Learn to ask the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit. He will never fail us and nothing wrong could ever happen.
The Holy Spirit protected the Church. It kept us going through ups and down all these two thousand years.
Someone said. No matter what scandal or troubles will rock the church It will persist because it is protected and founded on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let us ask the Power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us, fill our hearts and enkindle in us the fire of love and that we will receive strength, inspiration peace and power to forgive and be renewed. Amen
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