Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I remember my Father Agripino "Pin" Faustino.
He was my protector. (One day back home in Kabatan, Zamboanga del sur, when I was just a kid, I won't forget How my dad bravely carried me in his arms, as we were fleeing , evacuating, while people were panicking around us, to a safer place, for the bandits, terrorists were attacking the next nearest town. I thought then, that with him nothing wrong could ever happen.)

He was a Good Provider. Whatever I asked he will give. I guess that's the reason why in a way I kind of developed the attitude of Getting what I want always). He will never fail to give and so even now even if he has gone back to the father in heaven, I still ask him for help in times of need and hardships in life and I know he will never fail me.

He was my Guide. On his death bed he told me simply and clearly when at a time I was not certain of my future, I was a seminarian then, He said: "You have started it finish it."

A Protector, A Provider and my Guide.
My Dad. PAPANG really showed me the true traits of our Heavenly Father in Heaven.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Treasures in Heaven

We are wise!
We make plans for the future
We save for the rainy days
We store and save and often ready for any eventuality.
We get Insurances and some even have Funeral plans already.
(My Mom had prepared already a space in the cemetery for her and for my dad so that they can be together.)
But I still wonder, Is there an assurance that we can enter Heaven in the end?
It reminds us therefore to be ready and to make preparations for our souls.
And Jesus' words are really meaningful when He said: "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth or decay can destroy nor thieves can break in and steal."
Today, I was called to visit Ralph Esposito, a Brother Knight, for communion and anointing. He is sick, in pain and suffering.
Before I left he requested, Father, can you give me the final rite already? I know I am going. I have asked for forgiveness already and have forgiven those who caused me pain and I wish to be prepared to meet the Lord.
I gave him the last rite, And I believe that he was truly prepared and ready.
May we also make preparations for the end
For we know not when the Lord will call us.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Thanksgiving for the Gift of Priesthood


These are days of Joy, of Meaning, of Hope and of Fulfillment.
As I celebrated my 18Th year as a Priest,
And on the celebration of the Holy Mass, the cantor sung beautifully the words: "You are a Priest forever in the line of Melchizedek."
In Rome, Pope Benedict the XVI brings to a close the great celebration of the Year of the Priest.
I am reminded on the day of my Ordination When I chose for my symbol "The Seed." For it was how I looked at myself then and even until now.
A Seed who is so insignificant, sometimes can be taken for granted, powerless,and small.
But full of Hope, for this same Seed can "Grow and can even become the largest of trees."
The seed can achieve great things. A seed, no matter how small can grow and be of great service and help to others, "Shelter and food for animals and birds." Its branches can reach out, and it is ever growing and living and until when it can go is unimaginable.
Through the Overflowing Love of the Lord I received this precious gift.
He is my strength and help and He lifts up my nature.
The Gift of Priesthood is in me like a Seed, No matter how insignificant, No matter how imperfect I am, The Power of Jesus can help me reach out and touch the hearts of others,
Achieve great things and be an instrument in my own little way, of God's Love and good News.
That I can grow and always be full of hope for the future.
I will always be grateful for the Gift of Priesthood, grateful for the opportunity The Lord has given me to be of help to others at the service of the Lord, and always Hopeful for many many more opportunities and things to come.
May the Good Work that he has began on me be brought to its Fulfillment.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prayer for the Graduates

Almighty Father, source of Wisdom, Goodness and Love.
Through the sacrifice and care and love of parents, teachers, you gave these wonderful boys and girls knowledge and experience. Thank you very for your blessings, for we believe everything comes from You .
They are graduates now.
And now Lord as they move forward, learning more in life, teach them to use their knowledge wisely, help them in their own little way make our world a better place to live and to make life in this beautiful world meaningful and easier.
Grant them all your grace of strength, of peace and courage and faith that they continue serving one another and you in effective ways.
That they may realize that everything they receive and they do is a fulfillment of Your will.
Bless us always with your Love through the intercession of the blessed Virgin and St Joseph, In Jesus name Amen.
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