Sunday, June 13, 2010


These are days of Joy, of Meaning, of Hope and of Fulfillment.
As I celebrated my 18Th year as a Priest,
And on the celebration of the Holy Mass, the cantor sung beautifully the words: "You are a Priest forever in the line of Melchizedek."
In Rome, Pope Benedict the XVI brings to a close the great celebration of the Year of the Priest.
I am reminded on the day of my Ordination When I chose for my symbol "The Seed." For it was how I looked at myself then and even until now.
A Seed who is so insignificant, sometimes can be taken for granted, powerless,and small.
But full of Hope, for this same Seed can "Grow and can even become the largest of trees."
The seed can achieve great things. A seed, no matter how small can grow and be of great service and help to others, "Shelter and food for animals and birds." Its branches can reach out, and it is ever growing and living and until when it can go is unimaginable.
Through the Overflowing Love of the Lord I received this precious gift.
He is my strength and help and He lifts up my nature.
The Gift of Priesthood is in me like a Seed, No matter how insignificant, No matter how imperfect I am, The Power of Jesus can help me reach out and touch the hearts of others,
Achieve great things and be an instrument in my own little way, of God's Love and good News.
That I can grow and always be full of hope for the future.
I will always be grateful for the Gift of Priesthood, grateful for the opportunity The Lord has given me to be of help to others at the service of the Lord, and always Hopeful for many many more opportunities and things to come.
May the Good Work that he has began on me be brought to its Fulfillment.

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