Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lord Teach us to Pray

we all are prayerful people,
we all believe in the efficacy, in the power and importance of prayer.
that's the reason why we come to Church for we believe that the Holy Eucharist is Prayer itself. In the words of Pope Paul VI: "The Holy Mass is a perfect form of prayer where we can ask for what we need and also give thanks."
Mother Therese ff Calcutta one day was so overwhelmed by the many blessings she received and so it was said that she asked the Lord, what should i do to give thanks? and the Lord told her "go to mass."

we all have our own way of getting in touch with God through our prayers
some are gifted with being able pray spontaneously, others are like the person in the Gospel who could only stay at the back of the temple and beat his breast and say Lord be merciful to me for I am a sinner.
In whatever manner you pray and speak to God be it only asking or giving thanks or all, as long as it is truly a lifting up of ones heart and mind and soul to God it is Prayer and you are praying rightly.

We all have our own experience of prayer and how God answered them.
sometimes it is a yes, and there are times it is a No, specially if it doesn't really help us. God will never give us if it could endanger our souls. That's the reason why I figured until now i never won the lotto. God knows that it will just destroy me.
sometimes the answer to our prayers takes a long time, my sister prayed for 17 years until finally they were blessed with two beautiful children.
but always remember when we pray and ask, it is not us who decides, it is God, in His own time and way. Let us always learn and believe He will answer not according to what and how we want.

In the Gospel Jesus offers to us the Lords prayer
Pope Benedict said it is the best guide for us on how to pray rightly and how our attitudes should be when praying.
when we ask we believe that Gods will be domne not ours.

My dear brothers and sisters
continue believing in the power of praywer
pray from the heart pray sincerely
and pray unceasingly even if at times answers are not experienced right away.

Have you had any troubles lately in receiving mails or emails?
Has no one wrote you or sent you or answered your mails?
someone said try "knee mails"
prayers and messages you send on your kness and God will surely answer them. Amen.
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