Monday, August 2, 2010

18th Sunday Ordinary Time C


Some Years ago in small and remote parish where I was assigned as a pastor,in Zamboanga Philippines. One day a poor family, came to the rectory, they were from the mountains,they were farmers , they come once a week to the town to sell their produce and to buy things they needed. they wanted to see me and asked me to bless their small and old image of the blessed virgin Mary. The mother came in and with her their two young girls ages 3 and 5. They were poor and please take note in my place when I say poor, they are with tattered clothes, they have practically nothing, no food stamps, they don't drive a car they walk barefooted. And so I blessed the image and blessed the family too.
The mother said thank you and the youngest girl who was then eating a corn on a cob motioned to me and stretched her hand and offered the other half of the corn.
I was so touched because, here was a child who practically had nothing, probably that was her only meal that day and yet could still offer something to me and still would like to give.
so touched I was that I offered them things from the rectory, food and other things for them to bring back home.

It was a very ordinary and simple event in my life.
But I always believe God allows ordinary events to happen and He sends angels to tell you and me His message.
That day, through the child, I believed, an angel, reminded me so much about myself, about possessions and about sharing.
When we were kids life was simple and our needs were simpler, little things would make us very happy but as we grow older and learn more things, more knowledge and become wiser, we know that we aspire for more also, we want to have things, materials things that could make us happy, gadgets money and often we want to have more. We aspire for more possessions.
Possessions, material things..they are important for us, for the future, for the family.
But the gospel reminds us also that possessions , materials things should never posses us instead or become the center of our lives that it dictates even our relationships.
The man in the gospel stored up so much that he forgot about the giver of life who could take away everything in an instance.
Possessions also are given to us as blessings and it gives us an opportunity to help, to share and to give.
The man in the Gospel had so much inheritance but it could not be shared.
How often, now that we have enough and for some even more that enough, the older and wiser we get the more difficult it is to give.
The lord has to remind us beware of the natural tendency to selfishness, and beware of greed.
In a way we are all blessed, and blessed tremendously, Let us learn to give the things we received as a gift to others.
Let us always asked the Lord to teach us to be generous. Amen
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