Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today as we honor Jesus Christ our King
A clear picture is given to us in the gospel about his Kingship.
It will help us know more and more about our Lord, about how He is as our king and would help us grow in our relationship and love for Him and His life tells us also a lot about how to live as his followers.
We are reminded today that Jesus our King is unique and one of a kind
1. Unlike the usual image of a King with all their power and possessions and palaces. Jesus our King lived a life of simplicity and humility. “The son of man came and even never had a place to lay his head.”
2. Kings demand respect and be served. But Jesus came to serve, not to be served. Jesus lived a Life of total service. Especially for the lost, the poor and the sick.
3. Kings sits at their throne with their crown and scepter. Jesus hangs on the cross dying and suffering and still forgiving.
4. “And his Kingdom does not belong to this world.”
It is a kingdom founded on Love and service.
One of a Kind, and Unique,
And you and I, we all belong to this Kingdom.
# Story of Napoleon Bonaparte who wrote a memoir: Caesar, Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, These were great kings who ruled with absolute power and even violence and force...But where are they now? They are gone. And their Kingdom destroyed.
Jesus, He led with simplicity, humility and love and service, and now His kingdom is still flourishing and more men and women follow Him and even offer their lives for Him.
Our King is one of a Kind.
We wonder why do we celebrate Christ our King with this image Hanging on the cross, suffering dying and surrounded by thieves.
Answer: Because He wants to show to us the Kind of King he is to you and me.
1. That He is King who is true to His word. When He said I will Love you and serve you till I die, this He showed on the cross. Very far to what we are as his follower, how often we make promises even simple promises and often we break them and never keep them.
2. He is a King who is not detached or far from us. He shares with us our pains and sufferings. And so when we suffer, when we experience betrayal, hardships and pain, just remember our King is one with us and you are not alone.
3. He is a King who can forgive, and even if we have fallen in Life it’s never too late we can all start all over, because our king is forgiving.
4. And lastly he is a King who will love us whoever we are and whatever we are, it does not matter, we are His children, with dignity and we are loved.
That’s why when He was asked are you the King? He did not answer directly. It is not his title, position and power and money that made him a king but who He was.
And it tells us how to look at ourselves and others.
It is not the externals, titles, power or possessions or even nationality. But who we truly are.
One of a Kind
And the invitation and challenge today for you and me.
Make Christ the King of your heart of your soul
Make Christ the King of your family of your relationship and this community and this country
And just like the thief who accepted Christ, no matter what we experience these days, it may even be pain and suffering and failure and being lost,
Be hopeful and make Christ our king
Today you will be with me in paradise.

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