Sunday, November 28, 2010


A new season, a new year in the church. A new beginning for us, a chance to start all over, to start anew, and a new opportunity to love , to forgive, to serve, and to do good.
Advent comes from the Latin word "adventus" which means 'coming'. For this season is the preparation for the advent of our savior Jesus Christ, the preparation for His Birthday, for Christmas.
This season invites each of us to have the Spirit, the right attitude as we prepare. And the spirit is mentioned in the gospel today when Jesus said: "Stay awake and be prepared for we do not know when the son of man will come."
VIGILARE, Being attentive, being awake,aware, and eager is the spirit and attitude of advent.
Being awake and aware and attentive, yes, first of all it reminds us of the end time when we will finally come face to face with God our creator. It is being aware and prepared for the end to come.
But there is another way of understanding being aware or vigilant or staying awake.
Like when we are driving we should be awake and attentive and vigilant so as not to hit someone.
Or like a mother who is attentive and awake specially when she hear the cry of the baby in the middle of the night.
This kind of being aware, being awake or vigilant is done because we have to do it, it is by obligation.
But there is another way of being awake and vigilant, and it happens when
we see a person who needs help and you are there to help that person even if he or she does not see you.
or being attentive and aware to the needs of your parents or your kids. when you know your mom or husband is busy or having a headache you don't bug her
or like when the priest is vesting at the back and you are there to help to assist not because you want to choke the priest but want to help
this is the kind of being aware and attentive and being awake, you do it because you want to and because you love.
and this is the spirit of advent and of Christmas.
Be attentive and aware and awake to the needs of others.
Be attentive and awake and aware to the goodness of God in your life, do not just see the troubles.
Be attentive to goodness of others not only his fault
Be attentive, be awake and be aware, that's the spirit that we should have this advent.
May we prepare for the coming of the saviour meaningfully, with joy in our hearts and right spirit, a spirit of vigilance for coming of Jesus. Amen

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