Friday, November 26, 2010

Notes of the Day

The Coming of the Kingdom
Can be understood in Different ways:
1. It can mean the end time when we finally get the meet our creator and be with Him in His Kingdom in heaven.
2. It can also mean the Birth of our Savior as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.
3. It can also be understood as the Coming of Jesus into our Hearts, in our Lives in our family. It is the establishment of the Kingdom here on earth. A kingdom where we live with Love, peace, unity and Happiness and service for others.
Jesus said in the Gospel: “The Kingdom is among you already.”
When we come together at the table of the Lord to celebrate the Eucharist, when we as a family are united in Love and Peace, when we offer our goodness and help those who are in need , these are some signs that the kingdom is with us and that Jesus is in our hearts.
It may not be perfect yet, for that’s how it is here on earth but we believe we will have its perfection in heaven.

Be Alert
Maybe you have seen that advertisement on the Internet and TV of a funny lady, who was all excited waiting for black Friday shopping, Or maybe like those falling in line very early before the stores open or even those camping outside two days before.
That may sound weird or funny
But that’s the kind of excitement that we should have as we wait for Jesus. As we prepare for Christmas.
It is just sad because we give such excitement for shopping or other things but not for Christ.

The End
A friend asked me: "why did Jerusalem fell? And I answered because that’s how it should happen. Whatever rises, one day it will also fall.
The End is a reality. Just as there is beginning, the end will also come
And the end is also important. One could just imagine if the things we do here on earth will have no end, it would really be boring.
Just imagine if we start the mass and it will go on and on without end.
It reminds us also that If in Life we have troubles and pains and sufferings. There will be an end to it, someday.

I have a lot to thank the Good Lord for.
So many Blessings has been given to me and many I never even expected or asked for or even deserved to receive them and yet offered to me.
I say Thank you to the Lord this Thanksgiving celebration.

Teach me Lord
I go around greeting my friends and love ones with Happy Thanksgiving today
But I asked the Good Lord to give me the strength and enlightenment to offer the greeting to my friends who are experiencing troubles and pain these days.
Truly I find it hard and I feel sad.
For how could I really say meaningfully HAPPY THANKSGIVING?
To a friend who is in pain and dying of cancer in the hospice.
To a friend who got separated from his wife and cannot be together with the family these holidays.
To a family in financial trouble these past days.
To a mother who lost his only son who committed suicide.
Please teach me Lord.

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