Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Reflection

We celebrate today with joy and gratitude, with love in our hearts and we celebrate with hope and trust in God as we come to the end of the year 2010 and as we start the new year of 2011.
The first month of the year is January. It is named after the roman god Janus a deity with two faces, one looking at the past the other looking to the future. Because tonight and the next days to come is really a time for us to look at the year that was and to look forward.
We look at the past with gratitude as we realize what a journey it has been for all of us specially to be able to brave all the difficulties and hardships in life and even to make it to the end of the year.
We remember our joys and success and also those moments of failures and bad times knowing that we can always learn from them so as not to repeat them again.
Looking at the past is important as Jose Rizal would remind us: “A person who does not look back cannot reach his destination.”
And the future we look with eagerness and hope and trust.
It is a gift given to you and me. A new beginning, a chance to start anew, with new opportunities to love, to do good, to give and to serve.
Looking back and looking forward, but the now is also important
This is the time to make resolutions to make plans.
A beautiful message for all of us to ponder.
“Do not look back with anger do not look to the future with fear look around with love and anticipation.
The now is the time to do good to love and to serve and to be thankful.
I guess some have seen the movie kung fu panda, the master in the movie said. “yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why it is called the present.
Lastly my dear brothers and sisters a beautiful message for you and me is to say: “To those I have offended I say I’m sorry, to those I may have helped I wish I did more and those who have helped me I say thank you.”
Never forget to say thank to you to your love ones and friends as you greet each other Happy New Year. And thank you to Jesus for the gift of life and a new chance to start a new year
God bless you and your family Peace Happiness, good health and Success

Happy New Year

I am reminded of a story of a little boy, bullied by three other bigger boys until one day he was cornered and has no way to run. The Little boy drew a line between him and the big boys and he dared them saying..try to cross the line and you will see! They did crossed the line, and then he said..So you see, we are now on the same side.
Christmas is about the Incarnation. Jesus as God becoming one of us. The Word made Flesh and dwelt among us..He is now on our side.
It is a mystery. Something we will never understand, God becoming man, like us?
But the message is clear.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.
He cares for us and He loves us.
Also God is with us now. He is on our side. He shares with us our joys and successes and yes even our pains and sufferings.
when we suffer and are in pain, believe that we are never alone.
It is just wonderful to realize that as we start the new year of 2011, with all its uncertainties, we believe that Jesus is with us. On our side , to help us to protect us and to keep us safe.
May our Lives this new year be filled with the graces of Peace, Happiness, Good Health and Success. God Bless you and me. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Youth of the Parish of St Joseph were doing a LIVE MANGER in front of the Church.
After my mass I dropped by and thank and congratulated them.
I was touched but felt a little sad because I noticed, though we had crowd during the mass, I only saw two couples who dropped by and found time to appreciate the Live Manger...and I noticed people were leaving and were in a hurry probably to go home or go somewhere else.
And said to myself. I hope and pray, that this Christmas, people will not be carried away by the many activities, celebrations, and parties that we will have and be in a hurry to leave and would fail to take time to visit and appreciate the center of the season and celebration. Jesus Christ Himself in the manger.
With all the Gift Giving and receiving may we not fail to see that Jesus in the manger is the Greatest Gift of all.
Learn from Mary and Joseph today. They were very much part of Christmas but they were never concerned of their own interest, their own agenda but were very much aware that someone greater was coming. That they were not operators but only Co-operators of the whole plan of salvation and that the center of all is JESUS CHRIST.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Angels

A video clip of Children close to me. My Family.
Would remind you and me, as we celebrate The feast of the Immaculate Conception.
That we may not be like Mary, Immaculate and conceived without sin,
But we can always attain purity of heart.
When we acknowledge our faults, our mistakes, our sins, our failures
and would ask the Lord for Forgiveness.
He can grant us pardon and offer us peace and happiness in our hearts.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

John means God is Gracious

Happy Second Sunday of advent.
In all second Sundays of advent celebrations, John the Baptist would always be the central figure.
He is very important in our faith because
He is very much part of our preparation and celebration of Christmas
Remember even with the annunciation he was the one in the womb of Elizabeth who leaped for joy when she heard Mary’s greetings.
And as the Gospel reminds us today John prepared the way, the coming our Lord.
Let us learn from John Today for his Life, his message tells us a lot about how we should celebrate the advent season.
1. He showed us how he lived simply. “John wore clothing of camel's hair with a leather belt around his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey. “
It reminds us about what is essential in our preparation for Christmas.
Yes, the decorations, and lights and parties and all the trimmings- they are important
But more important and essential, and always we say what is essential is invisible to the eyes
Is the preparation of our hearts and souls, and of our lives.
To make ourselves at peace and worthy to receive Jesus.

2. His message: “Prepare the way of the lord make straight his path, “
Is a reminder for us to straighten up our hearts our lives.
In Life we loose our way, we commit mistakes and we have our failures and advent is a time to straighten it up .
There is the call for repentance and conversion.
This is the time when the word "sorry" is really meaningful to say sorry for our mistakes our failures and to change and to start a new with a resolve not to do it again.
And this is also the time even if it is hard to do to use the words "I forgive."
For there would always be some who could have us.
For as the poem says:
“Why be enemies if we can be friends
Why separate if we can be together
Why get angry if we can be at peace.”

And humility to be able to accept our limitation is a key for a meaningful repentance. Just Like John who said " I am not worthy to Even untie the straps of his sandals."

3. Lastly John whose name means a gift and that God is gracious reminds us
About Jesus as the greatest gift of all given to you and me even if we are not worthy of this precious gift
And we are also reminded that you and me, we Gods gift.
That we are His children, with dignity and are all loved.

Story of Giovanni, I believe is reminder for us that we are God’s gift and a beautiful example of repentance and conversion.
You and me, we are Gifts from God, and more that that we also have received lots of gifts.
This season of advent remember the invitation of the Lord, whatever gifts you have received give as a gift.

John means "God is gracious." Do you need something this Christmas? For yourself or a love one? Ask. Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts, for we have received The Greatest Gift of all-Jesus. Ask and believe that Jesus Himself will never fail you.

As prepare for Jesus, this advent, May He be our Light and may john be our model. Amen
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