Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Youth of the Parish of St Joseph were doing a LIVE MANGER in front of the Church.
After my mass I dropped by and thank and congratulated them.
I was touched but felt a little sad because I noticed, though we had crowd during the mass, I only saw two couples who dropped by and found time to appreciate the Live Manger...and I noticed people were leaving and were in a hurry probably to go home or go somewhere else.
And said to myself. I hope and pray, that this Christmas, people will not be carried away by the many activities, celebrations, and parties that we will have and be in a hurry to leave and would fail to take time to visit and appreciate the center of the season and celebration. Jesus Christ Himself in the manger.
With all the Gift Giving and receiving may we not fail to see that Jesus in the manger is the Greatest Gift of all.
Learn from Mary and Joseph today. They were very much part of Christmas but they were never concerned of their own interest, their own agenda but were very much aware that someone greater was coming. That they were not operators but only Co-operators of the whole plan of salvation and that the center of all is JESUS CHRIST.

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