Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I am reminded of a story of a little boy, bullied by three other bigger boys until one day he was cornered and has no way to run. The Little boy drew a line between him and the big boys and he dared them saying..try to cross the line and you will see! They did crossed the line, and then he said..So you see, we are now on the same side.
Christmas is about the Incarnation. Jesus as God becoming one of us. The Word made Flesh and dwelt among us..He is now on our side.
It is a mystery. Something we will never understand, God becoming man, like us?
But the message is clear.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.
He cares for us and He loves us.
Also God is with us now. He is on our side. He shares with us our joys and successes and yes even our pains and sufferings.
when we suffer and are in pain, believe that we are never alone.
It is just wonderful to realize that as we start the new year of 2011, with all its uncertainties, we believe that Jesus is with us. On our side , to help us to protect us and to keep us safe.
May our Lives this new year be filled with the graces of Peace, Happiness, Good Health and Success. God Bless you and me. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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