Thursday, December 2, 2010

John means God is Gracious

Happy Second Sunday of advent.
In all second Sundays of advent celebrations, John the Baptist would always be the central figure.
He is very important in our faith because
He is very much part of our preparation and celebration of Christmas
Remember even with the annunciation he was the one in the womb of Elizabeth who leaped for joy when she heard Mary’s greetings.
And as the Gospel reminds us today John prepared the way, the coming our Lord.
Let us learn from John Today for his Life, his message tells us a lot about how we should celebrate the advent season.
1. He showed us how he lived simply. “John wore clothing of camel's hair with a leather belt around his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey. “
It reminds us about what is essential in our preparation for Christmas.
Yes, the decorations, and lights and parties and all the trimmings- they are important
But more important and essential, and always we say what is essential is invisible to the eyes
Is the preparation of our hearts and souls, and of our lives.
To make ourselves at peace and worthy to receive Jesus.

2. His message: “Prepare the way of the lord make straight his path, “
Is a reminder for us to straighten up our hearts our lives.
In Life we loose our way, we commit mistakes and we have our failures and advent is a time to straighten it up .
There is the call for repentance and conversion.
This is the time when the word "sorry" is really meaningful to say sorry for our mistakes our failures and to change and to start a new with a resolve not to do it again.
And this is also the time even if it is hard to do to use the words "I forgive."
For there would always be some who could have us.
For as the poem says:
“Why be enemies if we can be friends
Why separate if we can be together
Why get angry if we can be at peace.”

And humility to be able to accept our limitation is a key for a meaningful repentance. Just Like John who said " I am not worthy to Even untie the straps of his sandals."

3. Lastly John whose name means a gift and that God is gracious reminds us
About Jesus as the greatest gift of all given to you and me even if we are not worthy of this precious gift
And we are also reminded that you and me, we Gods gift.
That we are His children, with dignity and are all loved.

Story of Giovanni, I believe is reminder for us that we are God’s gift and a beautiful example of repentance and conversion.
You and me, we are Gifts from God, and more that that we also have received lots of gifts.
This season of advent remember the invitation of the Lord, whatever gifts you have received give as a gift.

John means "God is gracious." Do you need something this Christmas? For yourself or a love one? Ask. Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts, for we have received The Greatest Gift of all-Jesus. Ask and believe that Jesus Himself will never fail you.

As prepare for Jesus, this advent, May He be our Light and may john be our model. Amen

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