Sunday, January 1, 2012

Learn from the Wise Men

The Three Wisemen travelled long and far searching for Jesus following the star and when they saw the child, they paid Him homage and gave Him their Gifts of Gold,Frankincense,and Myrr. I always wondered, why do the three have to travel together? They could have travelled individually but why the three together? It came to me that it was because they needed each other, that together hey could travel easier and their journey be light. As we start the new year, it would be a long year before us, yes with all its oppurtunities and chances but also with its uncertainties and struggles. Like the Three Wisemen stay close with your love ones, travel with them together, travel with Jesus. With others our journey can become light, meaningful and successful. Buon Viaggio.


Charlita said...

how are you, F. Arc? Good to know your site and will follow you. When will you be back to us (ICAS? Seems you're very much occupied with ministerial work in the foreign lands.
We at ICAS are still hoping you can help regain the market share of the school. High school is only 600+, college is only 260+ and the elementary, almost the same with high school in number.

Ma'am Dela Cruz

Charlita said...

Yeas of course, you are wise!

charlita dc

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"Leaps of Faith"

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