Monday, August 20, 2012

Importance of The Holy Eucharist

The "Bread of Life Discourse" : Jesus proclaiming "I am the Bread of Life and those who will receive me will live forever." is the common theme of all the masses these past sundays. for you and me it reminds us of the EUCHARIST that we participate in every day or sunday, where we receive the Word of Jesus, His Spirit and His Love. 4 sundays actually just on the Discourse of the Bread of Life. My Parish Priest jokingly told me that when this happen every year, priests also take off for their vacation because he said they run out of ideas for their homilies. I guess thats the reason I am preaching today because our parish priest went for his vacation too. Holy Mother the Church just would like to remind us How important Jesus is and How important the celebration of the Holy Eucharist is for us and so we have the special liturgy and themes for four sundays. It is important That the Church proclaims the Eucharist is the source and summit of our Christian Life. So Important that even St Theresa of calcutta proclaimed: "If the Eucharist is taken for granted, Something breaks up." When we were kids, when mom would invite us to go mass and sometimes it is just good to continue playing and we say, we will just pray the rosary later, She would tell us even 50 rosaries would not equal one celebration oof the mass." There is so much we receive when we gather together as a family to celebrate the eucharist. The internet even would list thousands of Blessings and graces we can receive but allow me to share just three effects, and blessings we can receive (From Men of Light reflection) First, we become a Grateful prople. When we come to mass even with all our struggles and problems in life, we actually give thanks. We know our difficulties and crosses and yet we realize that we can still count on our Blessings. That there is so much to be thankful in life and we are grateful and we give thanks. Eucharist literally means Thanksgiving. Second, We become an Understanding and Accepting People. There are so many things that we do not know and understand in life. We say sometimes "I don't understand my husband, my wife, my kids, my parents." Many thing we do not understand about the mass and I cannot even promise as I stand before you to help you understand. And yet we come to church. We accept that it could help us and so we are here even if we don't understand. Then we begin to see. It is only after we taste or experience to be here that we can see the goodness of the Lord. The jews were rumbling, murmuring for they could not understandand what the Lord said to them, so they went away and rejected the Lord. If only they stayed and accepted and it would help them understand. You don't understand your love ones...Accept them, do not go away..and you will understand in the end. Quarrels and resentment can be avoided if only we learn to accept and understand. Lastly, The Mass can help us find meaning. In Life we realize that there are many things, experience, situations that doesn't make sense. Come to mass and experience Christ and pray and believe and in time it could help us find meaning. Christ came and gave meaning to Life in general otherwise our whole existence would be pointless and meaningless. That's How important the Eucharist is for you and me. It can make us grateful, Accepting and understanding people and can help us find meaning in Life. May we all grow in our Love and devotion for the Eucharist and realize its importance. Amen

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